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  • Get an User Attribute Value from Org.-Model

    Vikas Kumar 9


    You can access the attributes via Workmanagerfactory in OpenScript. To get the value of i.e. the attribute "EmailAddress" of the user, who is allocated to the work item you can use this:

     WorkManagerFactory.getWorkItem().getWorkItemResource().getAttributeValue("EmailA ddress").get(0);


    If you want to get an attribute of another user you can do it via getOrgmodel. This gives the Email Address of User CHill: (working as well in Schedule Script)

     WorkManagerFactory.getOrgModel().resourceByName("chill").get(0).getAttributeValue ("EmailAddress").get(0);

     PosEmail = WorkManagerFactory.getOrgModel().positionByName(ADR).get(0).getAttributeValue ("EmailAddress").get(0);

    ^ where ADR is a Data Field containing the Position (last seems not to work in AMX BPM <=3.1)

    Process Manager Sample, with e.g. current User in a Pageflow



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