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  • Instructions to run TIBCO Universal Installer - Suite Installer

    Deepesh Tiwari

    Table of Contents

    What is it?

    An option in the TIBCO Universal Installer to install a stack of products in a specific order in one go.

    Suite Installer Features

    • Supports console mode and silent mode.
    • Allows user to define stack of products to install in a specific order
    • Automatic generation of silent file based off of products specified to install.

    Console mode

    Console mode gives you the option of generating one silent file automatically for all products to be installed.

    To install in console mode, run Universal Installer with following options


    Silent mode

    Silent mode gives you the option of doing a complete silent installation if you already have a preconfigured silent file for all the products to be installed.

    To install in silent mode, run

     -silent -V suiteInstallation=true 

    It will assume the silent file to use is in the current directory. If you would like to specify a specific silent file. use

     -silent -V suiteInstallation=true -V responseFile="<pathAndFilename>" 

    Suite Installer Flow Chart


    Suite Installer Getting Started

    1. Download suiteinstaller.xml file on the bottom of this page and put it in an empty directory.

    2. Download all of the installation packages that you would like to install in a single TIBCO_HOME and put it in the same directory as suiteinstaller.xml (zip file should not be extracted).

    3. Modify suiteinstaller.xml file. Details of the file are documented in suiteinstaller.xml. For any product that you do want installed, add the id and version of the product in the xml file.

      The id and version of the product can be determined by the id and version that is specified in the installation package name.

      Example: TIB_<id>_<version> where id and version are in the package name. If the product is a hotfix, the value of version would be <version>.< 3 digit hotfix number>.

      Example: would correspond to 8.4.0 Hotfix 1. The order of the products installed is determined by the order listed in suiteinstaller.xml.

    4. In a separate directory, extract the zip file one of the product packages and launch the following command:

      On Unix:

       <TIBCO Universal Installer binary> -is:version.

      If the output is "" or higher, then copy the Universal Installer binary into the same directory as suiteinstaller.xml and packages.

      On Windows:

      Launch the the TIBCO Universal Installer executable in GUI mode and look for the version at the bottom of the Welcome panel. If the version is "" or higher, then copy the Universal Installer executable into the same directory as suiteinstaller.xml and packages.

    5. Run the following on the command line prompt of the same directory as suiteinstaller.xml file:

       <TIBCO Universal Installer binary or executable> -console 

    6. Choose option 3 - Install TIBCO Products through Suite Installation.

    7. Press Enter when prompted: Please provide the directory where the product install packages are located.

    8. Choose option 1 - Generate suite installation silent file.

    9. A silent file with timestamp will be generated in the current directory. Modify this file.

      • Change acceptLicense to ?true?

      • Change installationRoot directory to be the value that is desired for TIBCO_HOME.

      • Change the configDirectoryRoot (if exists) directory to be the value that is desired for configuration directory.

      • Entries that begin with feature are the features to be installed for each product.

      • Any other product specific entries must be configured.

    10. Choose 1 to continue.

    11. The suite installer will install all of the products listed in suiteinstaller.xml.

    Demo for TIBCO Universal Installer - Suite Installer


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