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  • Now Generally Available! TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM 4.1.0 and TIBCO Business Studio? 4.1.0

    Deepesh Tiwari

    We are pleased to announce the availability of TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM version 4.1.0 and TIBCO Business Studio version 4.1.0, another milestone delivery in our program of work to deliver on our next-generation BPM strategy and a key step in our strategy to be the platform of choice for process-driven multi-channel application development.

    ActiveMatrix BPM 4.1.0 builds on the critical new capabilities delivered in ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0.0 and contains a number of new BPM capabilities, the primary being new Case Management-centric HTML5 components and Javascript APIs to support the creation of Case Management WebApps for BPM using the widely available skill sets of HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. 

    This release also includes a sample Case Management UI application that uses these new components and APIs, for our field and customers to clone and customize for their specific use case. 

    This release does not adopt a new platform and therefore still embeds ActiveMatrix platform 3.3. Please ensure that you have the latest ActiveMatrix platform hotfixes installed as they contain capabilities required by this release.

    The software can be located in the ActiveMatrix BPM section on the new download site http://edelivery.tibco.com.

    Release Details:

    New Capability - Case Management user webapp sample:  A sample webapp, designed by TIBCO's user experience team and developed by BPM engineering, is provided. This sample is an attractive showcase for the new Case Management components and APIs and can be adapted by our field and customers to meet their specific use case and loaded into ActiveMatrix BPM's webapp repository from where it can be made available for use by end users. This new sample builds on the new capabilities listed below.

    New Capability - Case Management UI Components: The following HTML5 UI components have been added that encapsulate the Case Management capabilities of the BPM platform in a graphical way:

    • <bpm-case-actions> displays the available case actions for a specified case reference
    • <bpm-case-data> displays the case data for a specific case reference
    • <bpm-case-event-view> displays the audit trail for a specific case
    • <bpm-case-instance-summary> displays case summary information for one or more cases
    • <bpm-case-states> displays the available case states and current case state for a specified case
    • <bpm-case-types> displays the available case types for a specified case model
    • <bpm-linked-case-instances> displays the case instances that are linked to a specified case instance

    New Capability -  Case Management related Javascript APIs: 

    • CaseManagementService - provides a broad set of new operations used to manage and obtain information about cases
    • BPMCaseEventViewService - provides a single operation, getSearchCaseReport, that lists all events associated with a specified case.
    • CaseDocumentService.deleteOrphanedFolders - can be used to delete case folders whose case objects have been deleted.
    • BPMWorklistService.getWorkListItemsForGlobalData - lists all work items associated with a specified case.
    • GlobaldataService.getCaseStates - returns the state of one or more specified cases.

    New Capability - Commenting Support. You can now store comments against any process instance, work item, or case object. The comments can be used to create a custom audit trail. Commenting support has been added to three areas: UI components, component services, and the objectAPI.

    • A new <bpm-comments> UI component renders a user interface that can be used to add comments to a work item, process instance, or case, or to display comments that had been previously added to those entities.

    New Bundled webappsAdditional applications are provided within Application Management that demonstrate how to use specific pieces of business process management functionality:

    • startbizaction is a browser-based application that provides the ability to start a business service from a URL with a given set of parameters.
    • openworkitem is a browser-based application that provides the ability to open a work item from a URL with a given set of parameters.

    New Capability - Graphical Charting.  Changes have been made to provide audit information in a tabular format, which can be easily consumed by charting libraries like Highcharts. To provide this support, changes and additions have been made to the objectAPI, component services, and UI components.

    • A new <bpm-highcharts> UI component has been added to render charts in a BPM application using the Highcharts libraries. This component can be configured to display charts containing information about process templates, process instances, work items, cases or events.

    New Capability - Graphical Dependency Viewer. In Business Studio, a graphical dependency viewer is available to process application developers to help them understand the network of inter-project dependencies when using projects for process reuse. Key issues such as cyclic dependencies are identified.

    Updated Functionality - The new graphical mapper, introduced in ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0 as now been added to Sub-process, Web Service, and Error Handling.

    New Platform Support

    • Microsoft Edge Browser support added

    More Information

    The above is not an exhaustive list of the enhancements available in this new release. For more details, please refer to the release notes, tutorials, samples and other documentation supplied with the products.

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