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  • Publishing audit messages on JMS topic of BPM EMS

    Deepesh Tiwari

    Subject : Publishing audit messages o JMS topic of BPM EMS

    Aim : To have a JMS Receiver process which can accept JMS Audit messages from BPM

    Even though we have a detailed overview regarding the same in BPM Administrator pdf guide.This tutorial is a small guide to get you up and running in no time

    Changing the configuration files

    If you want to publish audit messages on JMS queue you require to consider the following files.

    • ec-probe-rules.xml
    • ec-event-rules.xml
    • ECPublicationJMS.properties

    For starting the publish of messages Start working on ECPublicationJMS.properties

    Open ECPublicationJMS.properties

    simply uncomment the line #PublicationEnabled=true (around line 19)

    After this modify the EMS InitialURL=tcp://localhost:7222(line 22) to point to the EMS details of the BPM used along with the Connection Factory(line23) if required

    Note the topic name (line 33) in the properties file This is the topic you need to subscribe to (ECTopic)

    Save the file no need to restart or do anything the changes will be taken on the fly.

    Once you have the listener the messages will start coming for various events 

    The other two files that we have are used to control what is to be published in the JMS.

    If you have noted you do not get the case updates in the message part

    To enable the same try doing the following

    Open the ec-probe-event.xml.

    Change the messageProcess to have  CentralECAuditProcessExclusions

    from CentralECAuditProcessNoManagedObjectDetails

    Located at line 163

    Save the file (the changes will be taken on the fly)

    Open the ec-event-rules.xml

    Around line 216 you would see the channel default_jmspublish

    Remove the comment from 218 line to 227 to incorporate BDS messages to be published to the topic discussed above

    Save the file no need to do anything else

    The reason for having two files changed can be understood using the below link


    Now to confirm that it is working fine you can have it tested by building a simple BW application to subscribe to the topic

    Conclusion: Congratulations now you can audit your BPM server remotely using JMS

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