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  • Storing TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM configurations in Global Data

    Vikas Kumar 9


    Many times TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM procedures need to be configurable, this could be something because of changing Business needs or because of technical Environment specifics. e.g. SLA's, documentation URL's, Manager Group Email Alias, LogLevel, Timeouts, etc.

    The here attached Business Service Pageflow, and Global Data Project allows you to create, modify, delete this kind of records. Finally this Sample shows how to download records to Excel (all Web-Browsers), and to Import records from Excel via Clipboard (only Internet Explorer). 


    Tools refresh-24.png.51b4386424f91971f5e7564ba6366c86.pngrefresh or load another Configuration Area  list-24.png.baa414c28edcda0aa3c49f7e839a9cb2.pngdownload the current visible Configuration Area assignment-24.png.28ab0d1d8c35b4bc9ee231f1a89cc709.pnginsert Configuration Records from Windows Clipboard (IE Only, because of other Browser security restrictions) Data is only inserted into the Form Table, afterward a new Import to Global Data Button will appear. clear-24.png.ae70923954027abb5fd05eaa61270205.pngclear current List content, e.g. for a new Import

    Process Model

    The tiny Business Service Pageflow Wizard definition looks like the following and works fully independently deployable.




    Lookup of Values

    A lookup of these Values can be done easily from any TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM Process Instance, Pageflow or Service Process,

    by using a single Line or retrieving all in a Loop. 

    Here are three Simple Config Lookup Examples during Process Execution (see Process: "_Sample Lookup Dummy" Script Task)




    The latest Sample created for TIBCO® Business Studio 4.1

    Attachments Download the attachment from the resources.


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