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  • Testing (Debugging)

    Sucheta S

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    TIBCO® BPM supports OOTB Emulation and Remote Debugging.

    Many times there is also the question for automated testing, build, and deployment in Business Process Management projects. This topic is hardly dependent on your objectives, complexity, and what your UI looks like for your BPM Solution Implementation. Sometimes it is no possible to create a test script that runs through multiple times without side effects to other Instances.

    Next, for complex procedures, it could take a lot of effort to build out automated tests (with maybe changing Business Requirements) instead of doing manual quick End2End Tests. The same applies to complex procedures for automated build and deployment, as in Business Process Management you normally never replace everything.

    Remember on what you want to archive with a Business Process Management (BPM) Solution

    You want to react on Business Requirements / Changes quickly, apply the change and deploy! So you need a stable Environment but the BPM Implementation must be able to use this Environment in a very flexible way.

    • do automated testing and deployment for all Service to any Backend (incl. Performance Testing)
    • do automated testing and deployment for all Business Rule Services
    • do manual End2End testing for all state-full BPM Procedures
    • maybe do automated tests for BPM Sub-Procedures, that containing no manual activities.


    The feature allows remote Debugging of BPM Procedures and Pageflows. To enable this a BS Workspace needs to enable Debugging first. 


    All Deployables containing afterward Debug information. 



    Don't enable Debugging on Production Environments

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