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  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM Installation Hints

    Sucheta S

    Install Hints

    here some hints on how to Install TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM 2.0 or later: (at least for Development Environments

    Since TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM 4 there is a 
    , that comes without the need for a dedicated Database Server.


    • Install required Database Version (see Install PDF (Download from Resources))
    • prepare Database (see Install PDF, i.e. XA enablement for MS SQL)
    • locate Database JDBC JARs into a good accessible Folder (i.e. c:\DBJDBC\lib)
    • Install JMS Server (TIBCO EMS)
    • make sure that you have enough free disk space available (i.e. >1GB)


    Run Installer + available Hotfixes .... afterwards run TCT.

    After starting TCT, first configure the needed Database JAR, by using the last point of the Dialog


    For a full AMX BPM Host, select the second Point of the AMX BPM Installer


    Hints for a development Environment: (don't use a Version-number for production Environments)

    • first of all, install the AMX Install Environment into a folder under root folder


      (i.e. C:\amxbpm<Version>)

    • secondly, run TCT against a parallel Folder


      (i.e. C:\amxbpm<Version>srv)

    Both points are helpful for later Scripted Installations, or to recreate an Environment by only rerunning TCT!

    Note: Addantionally to this native Install, there are Option to run a Development Server on 


    Download from Resources.


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