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  • Verify Installed TBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM Hotfix Level

    Sucheta S

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    TBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM Hotfix Level

    You can find the successfully installed TBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM Hotfix Level in TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Administrator here:

    In TIBCO ActiveMatrix Administrator select the amx.bpm.app application.

    On the General tab, click the Application Template Version.



    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM 4.2 Versions

    • no HF

    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM 4.1. Versions

    • HF4
    • HF2
    • HF1
    • no HF

    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0 Versions

    • HF1
    • no HF 1.9.048


    For downgrading to a Version please follow the instraction in the the release Note.

    This is not just switching the version in ActiveMatrix Platform.

    Most times and depending on the Hotfix content you have to use the TIBCO Configuration Tool.

    Addantional Binding Type Hotfix Level

    BindingType Hotfix Level such as REST BT, Decisions BT can be found after sucessful patch under the BPM Node Features and as Feature Version Number.



    Here TIBCO ActiveMatrix REST BT Version 3.3. with Hotfix 5

    By the Way:
     the Screenshot above shows as well that there is a TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid 3.3 Hotfix 17 success applied on the 'BPMNode'.

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