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  • Work Distribution Patterns

    Deepesh Tiwari

    Distributing work/tasks to employees in the most effective way is a central capability of TIBCO® BPM.

    An exaustive list of business situations has been described by the Workflow Patterns initiative at  http://www.workflowpatterns.com/patterns/resource/index.php and should cover the requirements you may have to face with business when dealing with "sending" tasks to the "correct" people.

    The following patterns are supported by TIBCO BPM work distribution:

    WRP-01: Direct Distribution

    WRP-02: Role-Based Distribution

    WRP-03: Deferred Distribution

    WRP-04: Authorization

    WRP-05: Separation of Duties

    WRP-06: Case Handling

    WRP-07: Retain Familiar

    WRP-08: Capability-Based Distribution

    WRP-09: History-Based Distribution

    WRP-10: Organisational Distribution

    WRP-11: Automatic Execution

    WRP-12: Distribution by Offer - Single Resource

    WRP-13: Distribution by Offer - Multiple Resources

    WRP-14: Distribution by Allocation - Single Resource

    WRP-15: Random Allocation

    WRP-16: Round Robin Allocation

    WRP-17: Shortest Queue

    WRP-19: Distribution on Enablement

    WRP-20: Late Distribution

    WRP-21: Resource-Initiated Allocation

    WRP-22: Resource-Initiated Execution - Allocated Work Item

    WRP-23: Resource-Initiated Execution - Offered Work Item

    WRP-24: System-Determined Work Queue Content

    WRP-25: Resource-Determined Work Queue Content

    WRP-26: Selection Autonomy

    WRP-27: Delegation

    WRP-28: Escalation

    WRP-29: Deallocation

    WRP-30: Stateful Reallocation

    WRP-31: Stateless Reallocation

    WRP-32: Suspension/Resumption

    WRP-33: Skip

    WRP-34: ReDo

    WRP-35: Pre-Do

    WRP-36: Commencement on Creation

    WRP-37: Commencement on Allocation

    WRP-38: Piled Execution

    WRP-39: Chained Execution

    WRP-40: Configurable Unallocated Work Item Visibility

    WRP-41: Configurable Allocated Work Item Visibility

    WRP-42: Simultaneous Execution

    WRP-43: Additional Resources

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