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  • Deploying TIBCO BusinessConnect? in the Cloud (Azure)

    Deepesh Tiwari

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    We can deploy TIBCO BusinessConnect? in Azure cloud, taking into account security, load balancing, and fault tolerance. As broadcasting and multicasting is not supported on Azure, the system uses TIBCO Rendezvous Routing Daemon (RVRD) for communication.

    Update: the 7.0 version of TIBCO BusinessConnect now supports TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, which is not multi-cast. Nevertheless, this article is useful in establishing the certification of TIBCO BusinessConnect deployment in the cloud.


    Architecture details

    The attached image shows one verified architecture to deploy TIBCO BusinessConnect? on Azure cloud. The deployment consists of Azure Virtual Network (Vnet) with public & private subnets, Azure SQL database, Azure Storage Files, Azure Application Gateway and Azure load balancer.

    Azure Vnet

    TIBCO BusinessConnect? can be deployed within Vnet consisting of public and private subnets. Vnet enables you to create subnets and configure communication rules within the subnets.

    Public Subnet

    Public subnet contains components that must be accessible over the internet. In a TIBCO BusinessConnect deployment,  the Gateway Server is in the public subnet as it must be accessible over the internet. With the public subnet, Azure Network security group is configured to open specific ports for communication.

    Private Subnets for Interior Server and TIBCO Administrator

    A private subnet contains components that do not need direct access to the internet. BusinessConnect? Interior Server and TIBCO Administrator is deployed in a private subnet.


    In a private subnet, Azure Network security group is configured to open specific ports for communication.

    Private Process communication

    Private Process is our terminology to label any business process or systems post-BusinessConnect, which usually resides inside the enterprise's private networks. To facilitate communication between the private process and Interior Server instances, a TIBCO Enterprise Management Service (EMS) server is deployed in a private subnet.

    Azure SQL Database

    For security purposes, the BusinessConnect database must be accessible only within the Vnet. Network security group is configured to open specific ports for communication with the VM's under Private subnet.

    Azure Application Gateway

    Application Gateway is required to balance the load between different machines in a Public subnet. Application Gateway can direct web traffic to specific resources by assigning listeners to ports. IP Address of the Application Gateway is used as the endpoint URL for trading partner to communicate with BusinessConnect.

    Azure Load Balancer for Outgoing Connections

    Azure Load Balancer facilitates the machines in a private subnet to connect over internet. Load Balancer performs the required IP translations. IP translation will help trading partner to white list the IP address of load balancer for security purposes. IP addresses of the machines in a private subnet are never exposed, but the public IP address of the Load Balancer is seen by the trading partner.

    RVRD setup

    Azure cloud does not support broadcasting or multicasting on the network. To enable communication between Interior Server instances and TIBCO Administrator and between Gateway Server instances and Interior Server instances, you must set up RVRD neighbour interfaces on each of these instances.

    Azure Storage Files

    Azure Storage is used to create Shared and Temp folders. These folders should be accessible by all the IS-engines and BW PrivateProcess.


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