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  • TIBCO AuditSafe Deployment

    Deepesh Tiwari
    Table of Contents


    • ElasticSearch: Install ElasticSearch for storing TIBCO BusinessConnect? Container Edition logs.
    • MySQL: Install MySQL database and provide its login credentials first.
    • Docker: Install Docker for building the Docker images.
    • kubectl: Install kubectl for the deployment on the Kubernetes cluster.
    • Kubernetes cluster: Install Kubernetes cluster for deploying and running the AuditSafe services.

    Deploying steps:

    • Configure and update the property values in the deployment.properties and the value <xxxxx> MUST be replaced.
    • Use the script deploy-auditsafe.sh to deploy the AuditSafe services onto the Kubernetes cluster.

    Undeploying steps: 

    • Run the script remove_auditsafe_services.sh to remove all the AuditSafe services/deployments.
    • Log in to MySQL to delete the database <dbname> which is set in your deployment.properties.

    Deployment scripts: 

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