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  • TIBCO BusinessConnect Overview

    Deepesh Tiwari

    Table of Contents

    At A Glance

    TIBCO BusinessConnect enables trading partners to electronically interact and collaborate by enabling the secure exchange of documents and automation of transactions across public and private networks.


    • Trusted by hundreds of corporations and government agencies in Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Supply Chain Management, and Telecom / Electronics 
    • B2B gateway, EDI validation, and translation in one package
    • REST API-enabled trading partner management
    • Seamless interconnectivity to internal systems and external applications
    • Native support for TIBCO analytics and monitoring products

    Comprehensive Trading Partner Integration In One Package

    Today, automating business-to-business (B2B) transactions with trading partners is a must-have for large enterprises and agencies, especially in industries where standards compliance is critical. While integrating systems internally is complex, integrating outside the enterprise opens up additional challenges such as security, authentication, transaction management, and standardizing common document formats.

    TIBCO BusinessConnect? enables the automation and management of processes and transactions that span organizations. It provides an external gateway to centrally manage and secure the exchange of documents across multiple trading partners of all sizes?and it seamlessly integrates partner processes with internal systems for an end-to-end business process flow. In addition, TIBCO BusinessConnect provides REST APIs and web tools for configuring and managing partner relationships.




    1. Eliminate manual tasks and interactions while complying with industry standards
    2. Ease system migration and partner management using REST APIs and web-based tools
    3. Achieve tighter collaboration between trading partners to lower inventory across the supply chain
    4. Increase visibility into information and processes across the extended value chain and accelerate order to cash cycles
    5. Improve strategy coordination among manufacturers, distributors, and retailers


    Support for Industry Standards and Protocols

    Provides flexibility by decoupling transport protocols, business protocols, processes, and payloads (documents):

    • Support for a plethora of transport protocols such as certified AS1 and AS2 as well as HTTP/S, FTP, Secure FTP, SSH/FTP, SMTP, and REST
    • Extensive support for multiple business protocols including EDI, ebXML, SOAP, HIPAA, RosettaNet, and others
    • Off-the-shelf transaction templates that can be easily adapted as standards evolve

    High Performance

    Performs highly while avoiding a monolithic architecture:

    • Scalable to handle high transaction throughput. Battle tested up to millions of daily transactions.
    • Deployable in high-availability and load-balanced configurations.
    • Modular architecture allows you to plug-and-play needed components only.


    Ensures the privacy and security of all transactions and information:

    • Support for 128-bit SSL encryption and S/MIME, and automated processes to sign, encrypt, verify, and decrypt documents.
    • Non-repudiation made possible by time-stamping digitally signed documents and support for third-party services.
    • Support for digital signatures, X.509 certificates, and Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) for authentication.

    API-Enabled Trading Partner Management

    Facilitates the efficient management of trading partners of all sizes:

    • Trading partner management using REST API for the definition and administration of partner profiles and settings (protocol, process, and security). Business-level agreements, issues, and information can be automatically synchronized with trading partners.
    • Self-service onboarding and updates of partner profiles and settings via the Trading Community Management web application.
    • Support for partners of all levels of sophistication. TIBCO BusinessConnect? Remote is a lightweight B2B application that enables partners to transact with a host running TIBCO BusinessConnect. TIBCO PartnerExpress? allows partners to perform simple document uploads and downloads via secure web access or REST APIs

    Interconnect Privately and Externally

    Provides native integration to any backend via TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? and its cloud versions, BusinessWorks Container Edition and TIBCO Cloud Integration.

    • Seamless B2B integration with private processes and internal systems (ERP, Electronic Medical Records, connected devices / IoTs) for end-to-end business process automation.
    • Connect B2B data with any mobile or web application using TIBCO Cloud Integration.

    Augment B2B Intelligence

    Supports integration with TIBCO?s analytics and business activity monitoring  products:

    • Automated exception handling ensures the integrity of processes in the event of failure.
    • Real-time visual analytics dashboard of B2B metrics using TIBCO Spotfire®.
    • End-to-end business monitoring using TIBCO® RTView®, TIBCO Hawk®, or TIBCO LogLogic®.

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