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  • TIBCO BusinessConnect - PartnerExpress REST API

    Deepesh Tiwari

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    TIBCO BusinessConnect - TIBCO PartnerExpress is a (generally available) component of TIBCO BusinessConnect that can be used by a TIBCO BusinessConnect host's partners to exchange documents using simple upload / download via a web portal.

    PartnerExpress comes with REST APIs, so that any host can create web or mobile apps to allow its partners to post or get documents / data via the APIs. The attached video clip demonstrates a hypothetical use case in healthcare. 

    Imagine a medical assistant in a clinic needs to send a patient's x-ray or other kinds of clinical data ("attachments") to an insurer or payer. Ideally, there should be a web application that can tap into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), retrieves the relevant clinical image or document, and sends it to the host. The steps demonstrated in the video clip illustrates this idealized situation:

    1. Medical assistant logs in. Credentials are authenticated via REST API
    2. Valid operations are displayed (pulled from the Business Agreement in the ConfigStore via REST API)
    3. A task is selected. Medical assistant pulls a clinical document (x-ray) from the EMR (in this demo it's locally stored)
    4. Medical assistant sends attachment to the host (posting via REST API). Transaction is pending acknowledgment.
    5. [behind the scene: BusinessConnect successfully processes the document, and sends back a message that an acknowledgment document is available. ]
    6. Medical assistant sees that an acknowledgment is available, downloads it (REST API call is made to "get" the acknowledgment). Medical assistant reads it.

    This demo is proof of what can be enabled in the future (or even today) if an organization decides to use REST APIs to conduct transactions with its trading partners. The video clip is based on a real mobile app built by the TIBCO mobile dev team in a week's time. Product components used:

    • TIBCO BusinessConnect - PartnerExpress REST API
    • TIBCO BusinessConnect gateway

    Please comment to provide any feedback or ask questions.

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