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  • TIBCO BusinessConnect Trading Community Management

    Deepesh Tiwari

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    What is Trading Community Management for TIBCO BusinessConnect?

    TIBCO BusinessConnect Trading Community Management helps customers ease the adoption of B2B transactions by more trading partners. The Trading Community Management software is an add-on plugin to TIBCO BusinessConnect that enables trading partners to manage their own profiles on your TIBCO BusinessConnect host.

    With TIBCO BusinessConnect Trading Community Management software, trading partners can self-register to become part of your trading community. Once you accept a trading partner into your community, trading partners can manage their own document exchange profiles. Additionally, your trading partners will receive automatic alerts indicating their certificates are about to expire. With TIBCO BusinessConnect Trading Community Management software, your organization is relieved of the responsibility of tracking certificates, and retrieving and manually loading new certificates from your trading partners.


    • Facilitates the rapid expansion of a company?s trading partner community.
    • Enables efficient management of large numbers of trading partners.
    • Increases participation by providing an easily accessible interface that requires no installation or training.
    • Provides trading partners with more flexibility by enabling them to manage their own profiles.


    BusinessConnect Trading Community Management server runs on your TIBCO BusinessConnect host. User access privileges of trading partners and requests from the BusinessConnect Trading Community Management self-service web client are processed by the BusinessConnect Trading Community Management server.

    BusinessConnect Trading Community Management self-service web client exposes services for partners to join the trading community and start self servicing their trading partner profile with the trading host. The user interface components are implemented using TIBCO General Interface? software and communicate with the Trading Community Management server using XML over HTTP or HTTPS.


    Trading Community Management facilitates the distributed and efficient management of very large numbers of trading partners of all sizes with minimal IT overhead.

    • Web-based, REST-enabled partner management: definition and administration of partner profiles and settings, i.e., protocol, process and security.
    • Partners can manage their own profiles and settings over the web. Changes by either party can be automatically synchronized across the system. Organizations can establish default settings that simplify on-boarding of new partners.
    • Business-level agreements, issues, and information can be automatically synchronized with trading partners

    Key Capabilities

    Using the TIBCO BusinessConnect Trading Community Management web browser interface, trading partners can:

    ?   Join the trading community

    ?   Manage their exchange profiles with minimal human intervention from the trading host

    ?   Upload and download the latest certificates from the trading host for secure document exchange and SSL communication over HTTP

    ?   Receive alerts from the trading host such as certificates expiry, host identity, credentials updates, and failures in self-service activities

    ?   Query self service and protocol document exchange activities

    ?   Manage domains and associated identifiers

    ?   Configure transports for receiving documents from the trading host

    ?   Browse transport configurations for sending documents to the trading host

    ?   Receive community news broadcasts from the trading host as hyperlinks

    How Can Partners Trade within the Trading Community?

    Partners can be configured for BusinessConnnect Remote or TIBCO Partner Express:

    ?    BC Remote is a lightweight application for automated file exchange with BusinessConnect

    ?    PartnerExpress provides a browser-based access for simple file upload and download


    If you use TIBCO BusinessConnect, make sure you take advantage of the Trading Community Management plug-in.

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