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  • TIBCO BusinessConnect? Powers Trade on Land, Sea, and Air

    Deepesh Tiwari

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    Did you know that TIBCO BusinessConnect has been deployed in many companies in the transportation / logistic industry? These companies have some common requirements:  hundreds to thousands of trading partners who need to make shipment bookings and update their shipment statuses from end to end; they also need to process payments to / from these trading partners. Some have thousands and still others have millions of transactions that have to be processed on a daily basis.

    On land, we have a third party logistics (3PL) company which is a full service transportation and logistics company with a global freight management and contract logistics operations. They use TIBCO BusinessConnect to power their contract logistics business, tendering bookings, sending and receiving shipping confirmation, advanced shipment notifications, etc. across 1,000 locations in 160 countries.

    On sea, we have OOCL, which operates a subsidiary called CargoSmart (see attachment). CargoSmart is OOCL's B2B platform for communicating with shipping companies and hundreds of customs offices in 30-something countries. CargoSmart enables the shipping companies to book cargo space with OOCL's oceanliners;  track shipments through consolidators, ports, deconsolidators; and clear the cargo through customs following each country's procedures. CargoSmart has one of the highest volume we see among our customers, processing one million transactions per day, on average.

    On air, we have the largest regional airline in the United States - if not the world - which is headquartered in the southwestern region of the US. They use TIBCO BusinessConnect in a more traditional way, to lubricate the wheels of their business operations with regards to communicating with hundreds of vendors: issuing purchase orders, processing invoices, and making payment instructions.

    As in many other TIBCO BusinessConnect implementations, internal integration to ERP systems is done using TIBCO BusinessWorks.

    These are some of the use cases we found among the many customers who specialize in transportation and logistics. It's cool to think that when I use a consumer product imported from the Far East, or fly from California to nearby states, to some extent TIBCO BusinessConnect has made that journey possible, more efficient, or more convenient.


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