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  • TIBCO® RTView® for TIBCO BusinessEvents?

    Manoj Chaurasia

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    Turnkey TIBCO BusinessEvents Monitoring

    TIBCO® RTView® for TIBCO BusinessEvents? software can help diagnose and address several scenarios in TIBCO BusinessEvents software, including:

    • Events flooding into the system at many higher-than-expected rates
    • Rules firing at a much higher rate than expected causing CPU usage to spike
    • The backing store running inefficiently
    • TIBCO BusinessEvents concepts creation at a much higher rate than expected causing evaluation or re-evaluation of rules

    TIBCO® RTView for TIBCO BusinessEvents provides information about how TIBCO BusinessEvents clusters are configured and performed, and presents historical data detailing rule execution times per inference node; heap and table sizes for storage nodes; and event, concept, and channels statistics. Pre-configured alert conditions provide early warning when any of these gathered performance metrics indicate a situation is nearing a critical state.


    Proactive Alerting

    Become more proactive with alerting tailored to the needs of specific support teams. TIBCO RTView provides pre-configured alerts to simplify initial setup and maintenance.

    • View alert details, including alert history, component metric detail, and metric history
    • Output alerts to third-party monitoring and ticketing platforms
    • Manage and administer alerts


    History Analysis of Metrics and Alerts

    TIBCO RTView intelligently caches data in memory for instant access and can be stored persistently for long-term capacity analysis. Time-series trend-charts easily differentiate between transient spikes and slow-growth trends so users can respond appropriately. Users can even troubleshoot problems after the incident is resolved. Effective troubleshooting requires rich historical information to identify transient issues and understand if a high metric value is a trend or a spike.


    Support for Mobile Devices

    TIBCO RTView Monitor for TIBCO BusinessEvents software now has a completely new user interface built on HTML 5. Displays and alert information work beautifully on any mobile device so you can stay on top of issues anywhere and anytime.


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