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  • How to Rotate Package Keys in TIBCO Cloud Mashery

    Manoj Chaurasia

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    A Package Key is given to a developer to access a set of services, endpoints, and methods as defined in the respective Package Plan.

    To rotate a package key and provide a new package key to developer/partner, simply create a new application, assign the same package and plan, and assign the resulting key to the new developer, as shown in the following steps.


    1. In the TIBCO Cloud Mashery dashboard, navigate to Manage> Applications.



    2. In the Manage your Applications page, click New Application



    3. In the New Application window, specify the following required information:


    Application Name


    Application Owner


    Note: Type-ahead will result in a list of users; you must select the name from the drop-down. 




    Click Save and continue.

    4. In the Generate keys for this application window, specify the following information:


    Package and Plan - first select a package, then select a plan.

    Package key type - specify either Auto-generate (to have the key automaticaly created) or Custom (to create your own key).  



    Click the add button (addbutton.jpeg.dbf22ff3259df107f0ce8a41f58ae669.jpeg) to create the key.

    5. In the Application's Package Keys: <Application Name> window, the Status of the key is Waiting




    6. Click on the status to change it from Waiting to Enabled




    The key is now enabled and ready to be shared with the new developer.

    For more information, refer to the TIBCO Cloud Mashery documentation.


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