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  • Automating Steps in Data Migrations

    Manoj Chaurasia


    Last month I showed you how to implement high availability for your TIBCO Cloud Integration agents using the Scribe Platform API Connector. This month we?ll look a challenge that often arises with data migration and how to solve it with the Platform API Connector.

    Business data involves relationships. When you move it from one system to another, order matters because you cannot create a relationship with a record that doesn?t exist yet. If you?re migrating sales data from one CRM system to another, you will typically move accounts before contacts. That way when you create a contact in the target system, you can immediately link it to its parent account.

    Data migration takes time, especially when dealing with cloud platforms, because the APIs you use to create the records in the new system have limited throughput. If you have a large dataset, each step in the migration process may take hours, and you cannot start the next step until the previous step is complete. Wouldn?t it be nice if you could automatically move from one step to the next in the migration process? Well, with the Platform API Connector, you can.

    When migrating data with Scribe Online, you will create a Solution for each step of the migration ? one for accounts, contacts, and so on. Then you just need a way to start one solution when another completes its task. To do this, add a map to the end of the first solution and use the Platform API Connector to start the next one. You can even repeat this pattern for multiple steps.

    Watch the video below to see how.

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