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  • How To Generate an X-Signature within TIBCO Cloud? Integration

    Manoj Chaurasia

    Here's a quick REST service to push to TIBCO Cloud Integration as an Integration App, which generates an X-Signature (SHA256 hash in hex format) taking in input an API key, a secret, and adding current timestamps in seconds.

    This kind of "X-Signature" key could be useful in several scenarios: you can insert whatever keys in the two inputs. In this use case, we're using a TIBCO Mashery® API and a Mashery Secret API.

    It's a really simple Java class that leverages the DigestUtils.sha256Hex from Apache Commons Codec http://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-codec/

    The same REST service uses Node JS, so now you can choose between the Integration App and the Node.js App.

    The attached zip file named x-sig.zip is for the Integration App, the zip file called sha256_nodejs_app_1498560851377.zip is for the Node.js App.

    Included in the Resources below:

    - the manifest.json file needed when deploying the Node.js App from tibcli (manifest.zip file)

    - the API spec in JSON format (SHA256.zip file)





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