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  • How To Generate an X-Signature within TIBCO Cloud? Integration

    Manoj Chaurasia

    Here's a quick REST service to push to TIBCO Cloud Integration as an Integration App, which generates an X-Signature (SHA256 hash in hex format) taking in input an API key, a secret, and adding current timestamps in seconds.

    This kind of "X-Signature" key could be useful in several scenarios: you can insert whatever keys in the two inputs. In this use case, we're using a TIBCO Mashery® API and a Mashery Secret API.

    It's a really simple Java class that leverages the DigestUtils.sha256Hex from Apache Commons Codec

    The same REST service uses Node JS, so now you can choose between the Integration App and the Node.js App.

    The attached zip file named is for the Integration App, the zip file called is for the Node.js App.

    Included in the Resources below:

    - the manifest.json file needed when deploying the Node.js App from tibcli ( file)

    - the API spec in JSON format ( file)

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