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  • Knowledge-Base Tracker App

    Sucheta S

    Table of Contents


    This little TIBCO Cloud? Live App is a kind of central "Knowledge-Base Tracker". The Ideas is basically to have a central place to store Links and Summary Details about any kind of Content e.g. Blog Posts, Wiki Pages, Support Details, Web sites, GitHub, GDrive, etc. 

    The App allows managing e.g. last Review, Product Categories, Status, and Owner.


    In case a question from someone is received, the User can directly search in the App and send all Details with nice looking Email and SMS to the requester with just a few clicks.


    Finally, an Entry can be sent to Twitter directly via the App.


    This is just a start of implementation, the App can be easily extended with more Integrations, e.g.:

    • Post on Linked-In, Facebook, Google+
    • created Tracking Cases automatically from other Systems, e.g. SFDC Knowledgebase Article
    • generate Status Reports


    The App is very easy extendable with more Fields, more States, and/or other Selection Lists. Next, the Email Sender is fully template-driven means the Look'n Feel can be adjusted at any point in Time and on the fly, as the HTML Template is loaded from an external URL. 



    Most of the Flows in TIBCO Cloud Live Apps are very basic, to just create and update new Knowledge-Base records, there the two more advanced to call Integrations with TIBCO Cloud Integration Flogo:

    Send Notification Flow

    send formatted HTML EMail and/or a Notification SMS


    Send Media Tweet to Twitter

    publish on Twitter, together with a Media Image


    Used Extensions

    To run this App, the following TIBCO Cloud Integration Flogo Extensions are used:

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