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  • Manage your Node.js TIBCO Cloud? Integration app

    Deepesh Tiwari

    Node.js on TIBCO Cloud? Integration

    1. Getting started
    2. Prerequisites
    3. My first Node.js app
    4. Deploy your first Node.js app
    5. Test your Node.js app
    6. Manage your Node.js apps
    7. Adding dependencies to your app
    8. Run your app locally
    9. Understanding the generated code
    10. Advanced topics
    11. Best practices
    12. Resources

    The Node.js apps you?ve deployed to TIBCO Cloud? Integration can be managed in the same way as the other apps.

    Start, Stop and Scale

    The number in the green circle on the Apps page shows how many instances of your app you have running. When you click on the green circle with the number, a control appears, which enables you to change the number of instances. To scale up your app, simply click the up arrow to add instances to the app, then click Scale. To scale down, simply click the down arrow, then click Scale. You can stop your apps by scaling them down to 0 instances.

    App logs

    The logger.js file, that is in the util folder provides functionality to write messages from your app in the format that TIBCO Cloud Integration expects. You will need to add a reference to the logger util:

     var Logger = require('../../util/logger');

    And a call it, with some data to log and a log level:

     Logger.log(Logger.LOG_INFO, "==========>> Running my Node.js Code !");

    As logs are streamed from your app into TCI you can see them on the Log tab of your apps? details page. Logs can be viewed in a scrolling real time display, or you can select a time range to view historical logs.

    Add new Node.js modules to your app

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