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  • Managing Agents with the Scribe Platform API Connector

    Manoj Chaurasia


    The Connect capability of TIBCO Cloud Integration has a powerful Web API through which you can access features without the user interface. It gives developers endless possibilities to explore, but what about those of us who are not developers? How can we take advantage of the API without asking a developer for help?

    Enter the Scribe Platform API Connector. It?s a connector that allows you to make API calls from the familiar TIBCO Cloud Integration mapping environment. To demonstrate its power, let?s consider high availability for TIBCO Cloud Integration agents. When you?re using cloud agents, you don?t have to worry about this because TIBCO Cloud Integration handles it for you, but if you?re using an on-premise agent, you?re responsible for ensuring its availability.

    With the Web API, a developer could write software to check the status of your agents periodically and reassign mission-critical solutions to a standby agent if the primary agent is unavailable. But with the Platform API Connector, a business analyst or consultant can solve the same problem without writing code.

    In the following video I?ll show you how to build a map that does just this.


    Try it for yourself and you?ll find that we?ve made the API much more accessible. This is just one example of what the Platform API Connector can do. If you?ve used it for something else, we would love to hear about it. Post a comment below to tell us about it.

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