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  • Microservices, Containers and Cloud-Native Architectures

    Deepesh Tiwari

    Microservices, Containers and Cloud-Native Architectures are getting more and more relevant for several reasons. This page shares some resources where you can learn more about these topics.

    Extensive Article about Microservices, Containers and Cloud-Native Platforms

    An extensive Article at Voxxed at about this topic discussing the concepts and requirements for microservices, containers and cloud-native architectures. It also includes a slide deck from a conference talk.

    JavaOne 2016 - Journey from an On-Premise ESB to Cloud-Native Middleware Microservices:

    This recording shows the talk by Kai Wähner at JavaOne 2016 in San Francisco: "Cloud-Native Microservices in the Middleware World". It discusses the journey of enterprises moving from on premise middleware deployments to a hybrid integration architecture leveraging microservices and cloud-native platforms./p>


    15min Interview: Overview about Cloud-Native Microservices and Middleware

    This 15 minute interview by Kai Wähner gives an overview about why you should care about microservices, containers and cloud native architectures. It also discusses container and PaaS technologies such as DockerKubernetesCloud Foundry or Red Hat Open Shift.


    The Need for a Hybrid Integration Platform

    Hybrid Integration Architecture is getting the new default in many enterprises to solve new challenges and realize different requirements. Mission critical core services need different infrastructure and middleware than agile and innovative new edge services. The line of business has its own requirements and wants respectively needs to work faster and adopt new ideas more quickly than the central IT departments. The Need for a Hybrid Integration Platform explains different components of a Hybrid Integration Platform like ESB, Container-based PaaS, iPaaS or iSaaS and how these are related to microservices, container technologies like Docker and cloud-native open source platforms like Kubernetes or Cloud Foundry.

    Cloud-Native TIBCO Products

    Take a look at the following introductory video about TIBCO BusinessWorks? Container Edition:


    Live Demo: TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition with Docker, Kubernetes, CloudFondry, Consul and Spring Cloud Config

    The following 20min live demo shows how to deploy a single TIBCO BusinessWorks microservice to different cloud and container platforms: Docker, Kubernetes and Pivotal CloudFoundry. The video also shows how to leverage other cloud-native open source frameworks such as Consul and Spring Cloud Config for distributed configuration management and service discovery.


    Live Demo: TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition with Netflix' Hystrix Circuit Breaker

    The following 15min live demo shows how to use TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition (BWCE) with Netflix' Hystrix Open Source Implementation of the Design Pattern 'Circuit Breaker' to develop, deploy and monitor cloud native middleware microservices:


    Other Resources

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