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  • Node.js on TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Prerequisites

    Deepesh Tiwari

    Node.js on TCI

    1. Getting started
    2. Prerequisites
    3. My first Node.js app
    4. Deploy your first Node.js app
    5. Test your Node.js app
    6. Manage your Node.js apps
    7. Adding dependencies to your app
    8. Run your app locally
    9. Understanding the generated code
    10. Advanced topics
    11. Best practices
    12. Resources

    There are a few prerequisites, other than having Node.js installed, that we?ll look at.

    Firstly you?ll need to have an account for TIBCO Cloud? Integration. With an account you'll be able to, create and manage API definitions, download the generated code for your API and push your apps to the runtime.


    If you don?t have an account yet, you can sign up here

    The next step is to download the TIBCO Cloud? - Command Line Interface, which called tibcli. After logging in to TIBCO Cloud Integration, select Downloads from the top navigation bar and download the version for your local Operating System. It should automatically detect which OS you?re running and present that option with the big orange button.

    The downloaded tibcli executable is already preconfigured with your username, so you only have to provide your password. Start a Command Prompt or Terminal window and login using the password for your TIBCO Account.

     $ tibcli login Username: some@example.com Password: ***** User logged in successfully

    When building out these tutorials you?ll need at least Node.js version 4 or higher. You can check which version you have:

     $ node -v v8.2.1

    For the second part of the tutorial, we?ll use Visual Studio Code from Microsoft together with the tci-tools extension that TIBCO has created. You can download the VS Code extension from GitHub

    Let's get started!

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