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  • REST JSON currency exchange Rates ECB

    Manoj Chaurasia

    Table of Contents

    Sample of creating a REST JSON currency exchange Rates based on actual ECB European Central Bank, including fast cached Micro Service Data.

    Service Operations

    All samples based on 'ecb-envelope.xsd' and 'ecb-cube.xsd' to validate the XML from ECB.


    Schema's stored inside the Business Studio Projects.

    Latest Rates

    The latest REST GET Service Operation, with Data of the current day.


    The Implementation load the latest Rates per currency via XML from ECB, parse and converts it into a JSON Response. 


    Last 90 days

    Last 90 days REST GET Service Operation.


    Here similar to above but with a 90-day XML from ECB.




    The current version is missing some features, but they can be added easily, e.g.

    • get a specific latest rate, by a currency as input.
    • get a specific rate of date dd.mm.yyyy, by a currency as input.
    • allow Server-Side rate calculation of different base currencies.


    After pushing the Implementation to the Cloud, it is directly ready for Testing.



    Sample Source

    TIBCO Business Studio? Implementation Source and Service Specification JSON for Swagger and YAML are attached to download from Resources below.



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