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  • TIBCO Cloud Integration - Analytics

    Manoj Chaurasia

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    This page provides a sample dashboard to analyse your TIBCO Cloud Integration applications as well as TIBCO Cloud Mashery's API Logs. It uses TIBCO Cloud Integration's Platform APIs along with Mashery's ECLS feature. Flogo and connect apps are deployed as shown below to use these APIs and insert data into MySQL.


    The assets attached to this page include sample flogos & connect apps, DDL scripts and a Spotfire dxp file. This dxp can run on Spotfire Desktop and does not require a server setup. It is embedded with sample data so you can get a quick look & feel of the dashboards. Don't have TIBCO Spotfire? Sign-up for a 30 days free trial.

    Let's dig in!



    This page provides a quick glance at all the overall status of TIBCO Cloud Integration Capabilities. It also provides information about the most popular apps and power users.


    API Analytics

    Traffic Summary

    The traffic Summary dashboard gives an overview of the requests processed by mashery local. It gives you insight into the top 5 endpoints & URLs invoked as well top API Keys driving the traffic. It also provides a quick look at the error percent, latency & data served by the APIs.


    Response & Error Codes

    This dashboard enables quick analysis of error requests. It helps in isolating the error source such as - non-performing endpoint/method, faulty traffic manager, etc. Volume & type of error served by both Mashery & backend can be visualized.


    Latency Analysis

    The latency Analysis dashboard provides average latency over time and helps to understand the APIs affected by latency. It analyses latency by traffic manager to find any corrupted traffic managers. This dashboard also provides insights into data relationships using Linear regression. In this example, the relation between latency(X) and various other numerical fields (Y) is used to find the data impacting exec_time. 


    Traffic Patterns

    This dashboard helps in analyzing the patterns using a heatmap. This heatmap showcases various metrics such as a number of requests, errors, data served & latency by day of the week over hours. Spotfire provides Holt-Winters model for forecasting and this is used to present traffic forecasting by API Keys & Endpoints.



    Execution Summary

    The execution Summary dashboard provides execution details of all solutions in multiple Organizations.


    Error Summary

    The error Summary dashboard provides an overview of all failed Maps along with detailed error messages.


    Integrate & Develop

    Apps Overview

    Apps overview dashboards provide insight into the app deployment stages & type as well as execution level details.


    App Metrics

    The App Metrics dashboard gives an overview of the CPU and memory utilization of various apps.


    Flow Metrics

    Flow Metric dashboard gives and an overview of the execution time and success rate of various apps & flows.


    For any feedback, enhancement, or demo requests, please feel free to reach out to me or integration-pm@tibco.com

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