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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect January 2023 Release

    Ana Bahr

    For additional information see:

    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Release Notes

    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Known Issues

    TIBCO Scribe Online Connector Release Notes


    New And Noteworthy


    The palette of colors used for the blocks in TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect flows has been upgraded to a brighter and more distinctive set of colors to help users differentiate one connection from another during the flow design process. 


    Added a new Wait Block to the Control Blocks section of the Flow designer. This block allows you to pause the flow for up to 600,000 milliseconds (10 minutes). Note that if you stop a running  app with a flow that contains a Wait Block, the app does not stop until the Wait Duration has completely elapsed. To use the Wait Block, you must run the latest version of the Agent.


    TIBCO Cloud Integration Connect - API


    Upgraded the Swagger user interface to the latest version. As a result of this upgrade, the Try it out button on the interface is enabled by default and does not display. You can execute commands without having to select Try it out first.


    Added API support for the new Wait Block. This block allows you to pause a flow for up to 600,000 milliseconds (10 minutes). To use the Wait Block, you must run the latest version of the Agent. 


    Migration And Compatibility


    If you plan to use the new Wait Block in a flow, your On-Premise Agent must be upgraded to the latest version. If the Agent is not upgraded, you cannot save changes to any flows. (SCCORE-8464)


    Closed Issues


    Attempting to install an Agent on an unsupported operating system now fails with an error message instead of allowing the installation to continue. (Case # 02088715)


    On the Query Block Net Change tab, the Most Recent Record Processed date time value displays as null null if the value contains microseconds. If you attempt to edit the value, "NaN/NaN/NaN NaN:0NaN:0NaN.NaN AM" displays. (Case # 02091445)


    In some cases, Agents were not able to synchronize Solution execution data to the Cloud causing Execution History Detail records to be missing. Failed records could not be retrieved for reprocessing. (Case # 02089362, 02112572, 02114366, 02118156, 02118195, 02118592, 02119664, 02121244, 02124813, 02133531)


    Internal Agent database tables that exceeded one million records caused performance issues and generated errors in the logs. (Case # 02118235, 02122387, 02129217)


    Agents could not retrieve metadata for Microsoft Dynamics GP Connections nor could they load cached metadata. Errors similar to the following were generated:  (Case # 02157831, 02157842, 02158348, 02158358, 02158359, 02158363, 02158366, 02158672)

    Error loading cached metadata unexpected end of file.



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