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  • TIBCO Cloud Integration? - Connect June 2020 Update Release Notes

    Ana Bahr

    For additional information see:

    TIBCO Cloud Integration Release Notes

    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Known Issues

    TIBCO Scribe Online Connector Release Notes

    New And Noteworthy

    There are no new features in this release.

    Closed Issues


    When a TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect flow generated a fatal error due to 90% of the records failing to process, error details could not be displayed for that execution of the flow. (Case #  01869738, 01870368)


    Record counts displayed on the App Peek and App Details - Execution History tab for TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect apps were not updating until the app run completed instead of updating as the records were processed during the app run. (Case # 01869736)


    In TIBCO Cloud Integration -Connect Apps, users were unable to copy operation blocks from the flow designer in one flow and paste them into the flow designer in another flow. (Case # 01869682)

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