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  • TIBCO Cloud? My Partner App

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    TIBCO Cloud? My Partner App allows you to collaborate with your business partners by raising and tracking cases, exchanging notes and documents, and tracking all activity.


    Deliver Business Value, Fast

    • Foster efficiency by streamlining the partner request management lifecycle.

    • Gain agility by simplifying the review process and improving the timeliness of answers.

    • Deliver assurance on the effectiveness of request management through audit trails, and support collaboration across multiple parties.

    • Build confidence that the appropriate resolution actions have been taken, and that all partner requests have been handled and closed.

    • Improve executive oversight of partner engagement, and enable quick and effective decision-making.

    More Details

    Combines the following TIBCO Cloud? Products:

    • TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps (for Case Management and processing requests to and from your business partner)

    • TIBCO Cloud? Integration (to be configured to connect with your enterprise environment)

    • TIBCO Cloud? Nimbus (optional, by configuring a Documentation URL within the App)

    Try it out

    You can try this application on your on TIBCO Cloud? Marketplace.  Click here for instructions.

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