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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect April 8, 2021 Update Release Notes

    Ana Bahr

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    New And Noteworthy


    TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect apps can be added to the Marketplace from the App Details page making them available to other TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect users. You can make app listings public after they are approved by TIBCO or leave them as private. You can provide access to other organizations using the Manage access option. 

    Changes In Functionality


    If you are the provider of a Marketplace listing, such as a Connector or an app, you will see your organization listed in the Manage access dialog for that listing as if you were a customer. In prior versions, only organizations that were given access displayed on the Manage access dialog. 


    The Managed Connectors option previously located under Environment & Tools has been removed. That functionality is now available through the Marketplace. To manage access to your Connector:

    1. Navigate to the Marketplace.
    2. Select the Connector you want to manage.
    3. In the panel on the right select Manage Access for Orgs from the menu for the Connector.
    4. Use the Manage Access dialog to grant or remove access to the Connector for a specific TIBCO Cloud Integration organization.

    If your Organization has transitioned from TIBCO Scribe® Online Classic to TIBCO Cloud ? Integration, you must use the TIBCO Scribe® Online API to grant or revoke access to your Connectors for customers using a TIBCO Scribe® Online Classic Organization. See the TIBCO Scribe® Online Developer Portal documentation for the Customers API calls. (https://dev.scribesoft.com/en/main/reference/customers.htm) If both your Organization and the customer Organization are part of TIBCO Cloud ? Integration, you can manage your Connectors from within TIBCO Cloud ? Integration. 

    Closed Issues

    There are no Closed Issues in this release. 



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