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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect August 26, 2020 Update Release Notes

    Ana Bahr

    For additional information see:

    TIBCO Cloud Integration Release Notes

    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Known Issues

    TIBCO Scribe Online Connector Release Notes


    New And Noteworthy

    The TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Organization ID required for API calls has been added to the Security Settings dialog where API access is configured. (IPAS-14153)

    The new Apps List Deployment column indicates where an app is deployed. In this scenario the agent/deployment definitions are as follows:

    • A TIBCO Cloud deployment indicates that apps are executed in the  TIBCO Cloud.
    • A Hybrid deployment indicates that apps are executed on a server that is not managed by TIBCO. This can be a local server or other infrastructure. 
    • None indicates that the app has been configured in the TIBCO Cloud but is not running. 

    Changes In Functionality

    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Agents displayed on the Agents page have been renamed as follows: 

    • Cloud Agent is now Connect Cloud Agent
    • On-Premise Agent is now Connect On Premise-Agent

    Closed Issues


    Hovering over the Info icon for a Connection did not display the names of the apps using that Connection.


    Searching for a Connection by name on the Connections page using an underscore (_) brought up Connection names that did not contain an underscore.


    In TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect a user who is not an Admin could not unlock a flow that they locked.


    In TIBCO Cloud IntegrationTM - Connect the Copy Error option on the Execution History Details dialog did not copy the error to the clipboard. 


    When the browser language was set to a language other than English (United States), TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect users could not configure a run date on the App Details Schedule tab. (Case # 01870161, 01874128, 01873714, 01875099, 01879685, 01879904, 01882011, 01883053)


    The data in the columns on the View Statistics dialog for TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Data replication apps did not display under the correct column heading. Data should be displayed in the next column to the right. (Case # 01879571, 01881384)


    After a TIBCO Cloud Integration upgrade users had to clear their browser cache and cookies to display the User Interface correctly. Occurrences of this issue have been reduced and are being monitored.   (Case #01870340, 01874964, 01874994, 01878903, 01879663, 01879763, 01879811, 01880175, 01880314, 01880488, 01881262, 01881874, 01882464)


    Sometimes when switching to a different Organization, the objects for the Organization did not display and required the use of an Incognito or Private browser window to resolve the issue. (Case # 01880314)


    Increased the field length of the OData Service URL field from 128 to 256 characters on the connection dialog for the TIBCO Scribe Online Connector For SAP. (Case # 01879816)

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