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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect February 22, 2021 Update Release Notes

    Ana Bahr

    For additional information see:

    TIBCO Cloud Integration Release Notes

    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Known Issues

    TIBCO Scribe Online Connector Release Notes

    New And Noteworthy

    There are no new features in this release.

    Changes In Functionality


    We expanded the functionality for storing failed source records for TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect apps allowing you to enable and disable storing failed records for both the Connect On-Premise Agent and the Connect cloud agent.

    Closed Issues


    When selecting a new Agent for an existing app on the App Details page, the user interface sometimes switches the Agent selection back to the original Agent. (Case # 01888314)


    The Import dialog used to import TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect flows into an app allows you to select more than one JSON file, but only imports one JSON file.  (Case # 01888314)


    When selecting multiple flows on the App Details page of a TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect app, you cannot enable/disable or lock/unlock the selected flows. (Case # 01888314)


    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Custom connectors installed manually on an Agent without using the Marketplace, do not display in the list of Connections nor can the Connector be selected to configure a new Connection. (Case # 01900100, 01895207)

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