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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect March 10, 2021 Update Release

    Ana Bahr

    For additional information see:

    TIBCO Cloud Integration Release Notes

    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Known Issues

    TIBCO Scribe Online Connector Release Notes

    New And Noteworthy

    There are no new features in this release.

    Closed Issues


    Execution History stop dates are not being set, preventing the app run from completing. (Case # 01918143, 01921375, 01923571)


    Exporting Execution History does not include source data for failed records if the flow associated with the failed records was configured in a release prior to the December 2020 release and has not been opened and saved since that release. (Case # 01916736, 01917244, 01919588)


    Users are unable to reprocess failed records if the agent used to reprocess is not the same agent that ran the app with the failed records or the Execution History cleanup process runs before the request to reprocess is made. (Case # 01916494, 01916736, 01917707, 01917779, 01917751, 01917678, 01917617, 01917826, 01917933, 01920481, 01918611, 01918981, 01920764, 01918269, 01920841, 01920963, 01921856, 01922489, 01923014)

    SCCORE-5248 / SCCORE-5394

    If an organization has a corrupted connection and a new agent is installed, information about installed connectors is blocked by the corrupted connection and never received by the new agent. (Case # 01898172, 01911882, 01911986, 01911784)


    If an Agent is restarting after a Connector upgrade and the call to the Agent API that enables the Enterprise Service Bus fails, the Agent is shut down and cannot be restarted. (Case # 01919451)


    If you have a Connection with over 500 entities, sometimes when you open a flow, the entity field in the Block Properties General tab displays the entity name incorrectly and the correct name cannot be selected, such as ? string: Customer ?" instead of Customer. (Case # 01903967)


    Flows with nested CreateWith blocks are not supported and sometimes generate errors similar to the following: Bulk operations are not supported. (Case # 01917983, 01890246)

    62880 / SCCORE-2315

    The drop-down list used to add a Connection in a flow is limited to 100 Connections. (Case # 01810254, 01728381, 01821456, 01915659, 01917718)


    Deleting apps and flows sometimes fails due to a deadlock in the database and continues to display in the User Interface, but cannot be deleted if a subsequent delete is attempted. (Case # 01888314) 

    66842 / 59062 / SCCORE-164

    Deleting a Lookup Table or making updates to a Lookup Table is not always propagated to the Agent causing Duplicate Values errors or preventing the Lookup Table from being edited. (Case #  63582, 64448, 65364, 66037, 67443, 69559, 01785675, 01788456, 01795373, 01796576, 01729679, 01807722, 01810636, 01818880, 01820666, 01827379, 01723767, 01724604, 01725512, 01726171, 01727568, 01724285, 01725772, 01844772, 01850975, 01871010, 01871348, 01873689, 01879014, 01884338, 01891931, 01897171, 01905742, 01907784, 01914149, 01917810)

    SCCORE-160 / SCCORE-5878

    In some cases, data for deleted apps continues to be sent to agents, filling up the agent database. (Case # 01919300, 01918758)

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