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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect May 26, 2021 Update Release Notes

    Ana Bahr

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    New And Noteworthy

    TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect is leveraging a TIBCO Cloud service to help you map fields for data integration on the Block Properties Fields tab. You can use the SmartMapper link on the fields tab to map selected source and target fields. (SCCORE-5210)

    This service is powered by TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud, which analyzes mapping data using artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to provide suggestions for mapping fields.  Over time, the service continues to improve as it learns from prior field mappings. 

    Changes In Functionality


    For organizations in the AWS Europe data center, the service bus URL used for outbound On-Premise Agent communications to the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform is being changed to improve reliability. 

    If you have the following URL whitelisted, *.servicebus.cloudapi.de, it is being deprecated and will no longer be available after September, 2021. On June 15, 2021 an additional service bus URL will be provided for the AWS Europe data center, *.servicebus.windows.net. Best practice is to update your whitelisting rules to include this new service bus URL

    Note that after June 15th, when an On-Premise agent restarts, it will attempt to connect to the new service bus URL, *.servicebus.windows.net. If you have not updated your whitelisting rules by June 15, 2021, the agent will continue to communicate with the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform, but at a slower rate. See the Service Bus URL Change Knowledge Base article for more details. 

    Closed Issues

    There are no Closed Issues in this release. 

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