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  • TIBCO LABS? Cloud Starters Support Topics

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    Table of Contents


    All topics related to TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps, TIBCO Cloud? Integration, and TIBCO Cloud? Spotfire.

    General Questions?

    Feel free to discover and raise Questions in the TIBCO Community "Answers" Section.

    Invite other Members to a Starter

    Invite your Colleagues and other Co-Worker / Partners to your Cloud Starter Application.


    Here are the exact Steps and Option to do that.

    Who has access to Cases

    To configure Access Permissions to cases, just go to Live Apps, Application specific Settings


    Here you can configure Groups that have full access, and can just view cases per Application.

    App Configuration

    TIBCO Cloud Live Apps - Application Configurators can access the technical 'Manage Capabilities' View, where they can change deep Application Integrations, this Area will grow quickly as it is very important to cover many customer Scenarios and adjust behaviors and the Application Look'n Feel.


    ^ Manage Capabilities' Application Screenshot

    From this Screen, you can adjust the following Features

    • change Application Name in the Title and Welcome Screen
    • adjust Welcome Message for each Role
    • change Background Image of the Welcome Screen
    • disable Username on Application Header
    • Configure Case Labels for all Screens
    • Select used TIBCO Cloud Live Apps Case Type, to handle completely different Use cases with the same Web Application.
    • Define the corresponding Spotfire DXP from Spotfire Libary, incl. used Marking Settings
    • Configure used TIBCO Integration Service URL, Parameter, and Interface.

    Clone a Live Apps Application

    In Live Apps Designer - Applications Overview Card List, select from context Menu "Copy"


    Now define a new me for you Live Apps Application, and start to modify it for your needs.


    Finally, Web App Configurator you can select your new App in the "Manage Capabilities" View.


    This connects your Starter Web App with your Live Apps Application.


    As soon your App is published, it is selectable in this Configuration dialog.

    Connect your own Integration Services from Live Apps

    To connect the Starter Web App with your Enterprise Environment, you can easily create a TIBCO Cloud? Integration Service using a Flogo or Business Works Implementation Type and connect it via a secure VPN connection with TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps State and Procedure Designs.

    Note: In LiveApps Service Browser you find all TIBCO Cloud? Services that are set the visibility of the Service App to "public" while creating them.

    Just create a Service Activity within one of the procedures, or define it to be triggered on any specific State change:


    ^ Trigger on case change to 'Responded' 


    ^ call Service via a secure VPN connection from the Cloud.

    Use your own Spotfire Dashboards

    You can upload any Spotfire Dashboard to your TIBCO Cloud? Spotfire Library and use it within your Web APP


    e.g. 'Risk Investigation' App. This can be achieved using Spotfire Configure in the 'Manage Capabilities' View, as an App Configurator. 


    You can follow the Table Names, Tab names, Marking Names, and Column Names used in the default example, or you adjust them here as well together with Library path of the DXP. The unique private or public Analytics Path can be taken from the Analysis Information, directly from the Library.

    info-icon.png.9797235c83d6e5f5e4c8ab97cd004c5e.png  dxp_info.png.01b9bd90681f330acd7b93942d11ed3f.png

    Clean-up Steps for Re-Provisioning

    In case you want to replace your existing TIBCO Cloud App with newer one, or just like to have the original Version back, just follow the Steps on this Wiki Page.


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