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  • Estimating Apps TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect

    Manoj Chaurasia

    Estimating the Number of Apps in TCI Connect (TIBCO Scribe)


    Figuring the number of apps used in an integration depends on several things. This document describes the main factors that impact the calculation. Additionally, we have attached an estimating spreadsheet (.xls) to aid you. 

    At a high level, the number of apps is a function of:

    • Business cases
    • Integration design
    • Use of best practices

    On Demand Integrations

    Integrations can be configured as on demand or scheduled. On demand integrations are typically used for things like one time data migrations, batch processing, data fixes, and testing.

    Scheduled Integrations

    The most common use case is for schedule integrations. These are query based processes, usually for keeping data in two system in sync. Typically, they use the net change feature to only select records that have changed since the previous run.

    In TCI, each scheduled frequency (daily, hourly, etc.) requires a separate app. To run integrations daily and hourly, you will require (at least) two apps. More complex integrations could require more apps. Factors that increase the number of required apps include: bi-directional integrations, integration with multiple data stores, and mixing cloud and on premise data locations


    Events (Messaging or Request / Reply) provide near real time integration. They are triggered by an external system making a call to a REST map. A single Event app can be used to hold multiple individual processes (maps), so typically only one app is required for integrations that use Events.

    Number of Environments

    Software Engineering best practices recommend using separate, complete environments for production and test. As such, this will double the total number of apps used in your integration.

    tci_-_connect_app_estimator_v2_1 (2).xlsx

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