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  • TIBCO Cloud™ Integration V3.10.2.0 May 2024 Release

    Chinmay Gadre

    What’s New 

    TIBCO Cloud™ Integration API

    Added the following two new APIs:

    • /v1/subscriptions /{subscriptionLocator} /hybridAgentList - This API returns the list of all Hybrid Agents in the specified organization.

    • /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionLocator}/hybridAgentsInfo/{agentId} - This API returns the tunnel specification(s) and connected remote apps of a Hybrid Agent with the specific agent ID in the specified organization.

    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Plug-ins


    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for OData

    Support multithreading for OData V2 Service

    A new checkbox "Enable Connection Pooling" is added on the OData connection shared resource for enabling multithreading with OData V2 services.

    Note : This checkbox will take effect only for V2 services.


    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for Snowflake

    Custom Query

    In the Snowflake Query activity, you can now provide custom queries using the Eclipse SQL builder.

    Database Views

    Snowflake Query activity now supports database views along with database tables.

    Merge Operation

    Snowflake Bulk Load activity now supports Snowflake MERGE and UPSERT operations for the staged data and files.



    Migration and Compatibility

    TIBCO Cloud™ Integration

    TIBCO Cloud Integration only supports the most recent version of the Hybrid Agent and one version back. The most recent version of the Hybrid Agent is version 1.10.1, and the prior Hybrid Agent was version 1.9.0.  If you have a Hybrid Agent installed that is older than version 1.9.0, you should install Hybrid Agent version 1.10.1 to ensure the best performance.


    Closed Issues 


    TIBCO Cloud Integration API


    Removed Modify DB Service API from Platform API

    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Plug-ins

    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for OData


    "EdmPrimitiveTypeException: The value '0.08' does not match the facets'" error was thrown at runtime for OData Query activity if the response received had properties of Edm.Decimal data type and value less than 0.1

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