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  • TIBCO Cloud Integration: Getting Started with Connect

    Manoj Chaurasia


    Citizen Integrator

    The Connect capability of TIBCO Cloud? Integration (powered by TIBCO Scribe) allows integrators to quickly build integrations between any combination of cloud-based and on-premise applications and data with an easy to use Web-based Interface. Connect consists of a core integration engine and an extensible set of Connectors. Connectors move data between specific applications and data formats.

    Common use cases include:

    • Replicate financial data such as invoice, orders, and other relevant information your sales people need into your CRM.
    • Streamline resource intensive processes such as sales order processing and quote approvals.
    • Automate your prospect to lead conversion between your CRM and various marketing applications.
    • Migrate data from an on-premise legacy system to a new SaaS application.

    For a quick overview of the Connect capability in TIBCO Cloud Integration (powered by TIBCO Scribe), please watch the following 5 min video.

    Connect Extended Guide

    0(Prerequisite) Activate your accountComplete these steps to activate your TIBCO Cloud account.
    1Install an Agent to run your Solutions for integrating and replicating data.
    • If you are running the On-Premise version of Connect, click here.
    • If you are running Connect on TIBCO Cloud, click here.
    2View ConnectorsTo view a list of all available Connectors, follow the instructions here.
    3Create Connections for each datastore.Connection is the configuration, including the login and other parameters, needed to connect to any datastore.
    4Build Your ApplicationProduct Documentation

    Connect Additional Resources


    Essential Resource

    Interested in more training?

    • Take our Level I course.
    • Interested in becoming an expert? Checkout the schedule for Level II Training.
    • Attend our monthly Workshops.
    • Watch this video to learn more about the training options.



    Use Cases and Demos



    Technical Support


    Get ?'s Answered

    Other TIBCO Cloud Integration Capabilities

    Click on the following TIBCO Cloud Personas to learn more.


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    • Click here for more information on how to get started using the capabilities included in your TIBCO Cloud Integration subscription.


    Download Attachments from Resources.



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