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  • TIBCO Cloud Integration: Getting Started with Develop

    Manoj Chaurasia




    The Develop capability of TIBCO Cloud? Integration (powered by TIBCO Flogo) supports visual development of event-driven microservices and functions within a flow editor so that you can create integration applications without having to leave your browser. It is powered by Project Flogo?, a lightweight open-source integration engine. You use Project Flogo? to interconnect APIs, systems, and data.

    Common use cases include:

    • Deploying event-driven microservices and Serverless functions; Run anywhere.
    • Developing Applications utilizing modern technology stack and event-driven architecture patterns.
    • Building Experience APIs using GraphQL and REST.
    • Coordinating distributed microservices.
    • Integrating IoT devices with Edge applications.

    For a quick overview of the Develop capability in TIBCO Cloud Integration (powered by TIBCO Flogo), please watch the following 5 min video.

    Develop QuickStart Guide

    0(Prerequisite) Activate your accountComplete these steps to activate your TIBCO Cloud account.
    1Build a simple REST serviceTutorial

    Develop Extended Guide

    0(Prerequisite) Activate your accountComplete these steps to activate your TIBCO Cloud account.
    0(Prerequisite) Review Develop ConceptsConcept Overview
    1Will this solution connect to another system?If so, create a connection.
    2Create a Develop ApplicationProduct Documentation
    3Do you know what action will trigger this flow?
    4Add and configure one or more ActivitiesProduct Documentation
    5Add and configure a TriggerIf you did not configure a Trigger when you created the flow, you can do it now.
    6Push your Application to the CloudProduct Documentation

    Develop Additional Resources



    Essential Resource





    Technical Support


    Get ?'s Answered

    Other TIBCO Cloud Integration Capabilities

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    • Click here for more information on how to get started using the capabilities included in your TIBCO Cloud Integration subscription.

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