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  • TIBCO Cloud Integration: Getting Started with Mashery

    Manoj Chaurasia


    API Program Manager

    TIBCO Cloud? Mashery ® is a full-life cycle API platform that delivers key API management capabilities needed for successful digital transformation initiatives. Its full range of capabilities includes API model, API mock, creation, packaging, testing, governance, security and traffic management of your APIs and community of users.

    Common use cases include:

    • Creating, Building and Managing your APIs.
    • Securing your APIs with robust authentication and access control.
    • Supporting an Internal and External Developer Ecosystem.
    • Going to Market with your API program.

    TIBCO Cloud Mashery® QuickStart Guide

    0(Prerequisite) Activate your accountComplete these steps to activate your TIBCO Cloud account.
    1Create an API definition, Package/Plan, and Grant Access to your Application.Video Tutorial

    TIBCO Cloud Mashery® Extended Guide

    0(Prerequisite) Activate your accountComplete these steps to activate your TIBCO Cloud account.
    1Create your first API SpecificationTutorial

    Product Documentation
    2At this point, you can have 2 options for pushing this API definition to TIBCO Cloud Mashery.
    2-1Option 2-1

    Create a mock application from your API specification and Publish to Mashery
    2-2Option 2-2

    Create an API Definition and Endpoint directly in Mashery
    3Create a Package and Plan
    4Provide access to this API
    • Create an application associated with your member account.
    • Create a package key. Note: Make sure to assign the key to the package and plan created in step 3.
    5Test your APIUsing your desired testing tool (Postman, curl, etc), make a call to your newly created API. If you have configured the api_key to be a query parameter, the call will look something like this:


    BONUSStyle your Developer Portal

    TIBCO Cloud Mashery® Additional Resources




    Technical Support


    Get ?'s Answered

    Other TIBCO Cloud Integration Capabilities

    Click on the following TIBCO Cloud Personas to learn more.


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    (TIBCO Mashery)


    • Click here for more information on how to get started using the capabilities included in your TIBCO Cloud Integration subscription.

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