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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration Release Notes - August 26, 2020 Update V2.1.0

    Manoj Chaurasia

    What?s New 

    Our new TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Hybrid Agent extends App Monitoring to include your remote apps. Along with aggregated stats on the Dashboard  and the App Peek view in the Apps List, the agent  provides app execution metrics on the App Details view.  The Hybrid Agent can be downloaded, configured, and run on-premises or in the private cloud where it automatically connects to the TIBCO Cloud Integration environment. Remote TIBCO BusinessWorks and TIBCO Flogo apps can be registered with the Hybrid Agent on startup allowing them to be monitored. 

    TIBCO Flogo®

    • In Flogo, when using the Mapper you can use the output of an activity generated by the last iteration as an input for the next iteration. You can see this output as part of ?Upstream Output?. For example, assume  you have a loop with three  iterations. In iteration zero you there is no value from that output because the activity has not run yet, but on the next iteration you can access the output of the activity from the previous run.
    • App version support - The TIBCO Cloud Integration user interface displays app versions that can be modified at any time. When a new app is created, the default version displayed is 1.0.0.
    • Automatically generated HTTP response, return activities and mapping configuration - When creating triggers and flows from an API (Swagger) specification, the app's Configure HTTPResponse, Return activities, and mappings are now automatically configured.
    • Additional configuration fields for the "Send email" activity - Input fields have been added to the "Send email" activity to support HTML body and CC/BCC configuration.

    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for TIBCO Cloud? Messaging

    • TCMMessageAck has been added to the connector with the following modes:
      •  Auto: messages are auto acknowledged as soon as they are received from the TIBCO Cloud Messaging service.
      • Explicit: messages can be acknowledged by using the new activity TCMMessageAck within the flow.
    • The MessageSubscriber trigger now supports standard durables.

    TIBCO BusinessWorks?

    For newly pushed BusinessWorks apps, users can see the app version in the App Details page. This is a read-only value.

    TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plugins

    • HL7 with FHIR  Added the following resources:  List , MedicationKnowledge,  Endpoint. Refer to the release notes for the plugin for more information. 
    • MongoDB
    • SWIFT

    TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

    • Amazon DynamoDB
    • Amazon Kinesis
    • Hubspot
    • Microsoft SQL
    • MQTT
    • Oracle MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Salesforce
    • TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe
    • TIBCO Cloud Messaging

    Changes in Functionality

    TIBCO Cloud Integration

    • The new Apps List Deployment column indicates where an app is deployed. In this scenario the agent/deployment definitions are as follows:
      • A TIBCO Cloud deployment indicates that apps are executed in the  TIBCO Cloud.
      • A Hybrid deployment indicates that apps are executed on a server that is not managed by TIBCO. This can be a local server or other infrastructure. 
      • None indicates that the app has been configured in the TIBCO Cloud but is not running. 
    • TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect apps with an Incomplete or Disabled status are not included in App Totals on the Dashboard. 

    TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect Agent

    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Agents displayed on the Agents page have been renamed as follows: 

    • Cloud Agent is now Connect Cloud Agent
    • On-Premise Agent is now Connect On-Premise Agent

    TIBCO Flogo

    When a Flogo app is created from a Swagger API specification, Flogo REST Trigger and flows are now auto-configured with trigger and flow input/output mappings and, wherever applicable, with Return and Configure HTTP Response activities.

    Migration and Compatibility

    TIBCO Flogo®  Connector for Amazon DynamoDB

    • After importing a Flogo app into TIBCO Cloud Integration that uses a Flogo Connector for Amazon DynamoDB Query activity, the Output Schema in the OutputSettings section is empty and you will need to reconfigure the schema.
    • Add row populates the cached state of variable/s in the table. Add a space in the Query section to prevent this issue. 

    TIBCO Flogo®  Connector for Salesforce

    For older apps imported with the latest Salesforce connector version, users can see one more new field in the Salesforce connection,  "WI_STUDIO_OATH_CONNECTOR_INFO".

    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Salesforce Einstein Analytics

    Salesforce connections with Custom OAuth2 Credentials set to True are not supported for the Salesforce Einstein Analytics connector.

    Closed Issues

    IPAS-10417 / FLOGO-5311

    The implementation of a TIBCO Flogo® app cannot be viewed in TIBCO Cloud Integration when deployed using the TIBCO CloudTM? Command Line Interface.


    Added the option --impose for the app push command in the TIBCO CloudTM? Command Line Interface, which allows you to push an app without receiving an overwrite warning for an existing app with the same name. 


    The description for Custom Environment variables can not be updated.


    The Replace application dialog refers to TIBCO BusinessWorks as bw.


    Searching for a Connection by name on the Connections page using an underscore (_) brings up Connection names that do not contain an underscore.


    In TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect a user who is not an Admin cannot unlock a flow that they locked. 


    Summary: In TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect the Copy Error option on the Execution History Details dialog does not copy the error to the clipboard. 


    Subscription errors are not generated for Node.js apps when attempting to increase the number of instances beyond the limit of a trial plan. 


    The app password property is not updated in the user interface after the app is pushed from the TIBCO Cloud Integration - Command Line using the -r option. An error similar to the following is generated: Detail: Error while encrypting the app id '<app id>' properties overrides with privacy service: Error while re-encrypting one or more overrides properties for appId '<app id>': see logs


    When the browser language is set to a language other than English (United States), TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect users cannot configure a run date on the App Details Schedule tab. 


    When an app in a failed state switches to a running state, the last started date on the App List page is not updated.


    The data in the columns on the View Statistics dialog for TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Data replication apps does not display under the correct column heading. Data should be displayed in the next column to the right.


    After a TIBCO Cloud Integration upgrade users have to clear their browser cache and cookies to display the User Interface correctly.  Occurrences of this issue have been reduced and are being monitored. 


    Sometimes when switching to a different Organization, the objects for the Organization do not display and require the use of an Incognito or Private browser window to resolve the issue. 


    TIBCO BusinessWorks client for TIBCO Cloud Mesh fails in Debugger at runtime when the TIBCO Cloud Mesh Service is running in the European or the Australian region. 


    Test connection hangs for users with multiple organizations because currently the AuditSafe plugin does not support multiple organizations.


    While mapping arrays, validation errors are displayed on the UI when the source array comes from a fixed array child such as: $flow.input[0].test.arraysource.


    The application/xml response is not supported in Flogo. Any method that produces an application/xml response is omitted when configuring a service from TIBCO Cloud Mesh in the Invoke Rest Activity.


    When a Flogo app is pushed, COPY, REPLACE, and Set endpoint visibility options are not available in the menu.


    If an app-level schema is attached in the request or response schema of the  AWSAPIGatewayLambda trigger, the API gateway is not created.


    If you do not click the Save button while configuring an activity and then move to Flow Inputs & Outputs Tab, the flow is greyed out.


    In the input and output of a flow, if you change the parameter type and then select another type as Required, the parameter type changes to the previous type again.


    You cannot import the tester launch configuration. The following error is displayed: Configuration already exists.


    After importing an app enabled for service discovery from the TIBCO Cloud Mesh, if you only reselect the service name to reconfigure the new service, a 404 Resource Not Found error is generated.


    The Send Email activity is not working with Office365 mail server.


    For Flogo, if a Producer service and a Consumer app both are imported into a new environment, the Service name is not changed in the InvokeRest drop down and nor is it showing any error because the Producer Service is available. Directly pushing the consumer app and invoking the private endpoint service gives an error.


    The Add row option is present for path parameters, which causes confusion because the path parameters cannot be added from Input Settings.


    App level schema is not available for the Request/Response for Plain/text, application/xxx-urlformEndcoded and Other types, because they have default non-editable schemas.


    For any old REST triggers where the API Specification upload feature is not enabled, adding a new handler fails.


    At runtime, the Flogo engine generates an error when an app property is configured with the "Delay" field in "Repeat Until True" loop.


    In Flogo, users cannot map empty arrays in activity mappings.


    Some privately managed connectors hosted in the TIBCO Cloud Integration Azure environment do not display in the Connections tab for Connect Apps.

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