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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration Release Notes - July 8, 2020 Update V2.0.1

    Manoj Chaurasia

    What?s New

    This update is a maintenance release to close a couple of Known Issues and to provide you with some important updates and updated connectivity.

    TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

    • AuditSafe
    • Salesforce
    • TIBCO Cloud Messaging

    TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plugins

    • AMPQ
    • AuditSafe
    • EDI
    • EJB
    • Google BigQuery
    • HL7 with FHIR
    • OSIsoft Pi
    • SAP S/4 Hana
    • SAP Solutions
    • Snowflake

    ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for EDI users specify customized validation profiles, guidelines, maps, and other files when validating or translating EDI. These files can now be uploaded to TCI as supplemental files, allowing them to be accessible when building TIBCO Business Studio?- Cloud Edition processes involving the Plug-in. 

    ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for HL7 with FHIR users specify customized validation profiles, guidelines, maps, and other files when validating or translating HL7 data.These files can now be uploaded to TCI as supplemental files, allowing them to be accessible when building TIBCO Business Studio?- Cloud Edition processes involving the Plug-in.

    Changes in Functionality

    TIBCO CloudTM Live Apps

    When working with TIBCO Cloud Live Apps and connected TIBCO Flogo apps that share API calls, you may need to remap the calls after the following changes to the Flogo app:

    • Copying the app from one subscription to another
    • Pushing the app with a new set of properties
    • Moving the app from one organization to another
    • Exporting and re-importing the app
    • Pushing the app after the latest upgrade to TIBCO Flogo itself

    In all cases, running integrations of TIBCO Cloud Live Apps and TIBCO Flogo are not affected, but after opening the app in TIBCO Cloud Live Apps, you must perform the remapping.

    TIBCO Flogo®

    • The Flogo app start timeout has been reduced from 10 minutes to 3 minutes. 
    • When a new trigger is added, for GET, DELETE methods, the Response Schema configuration is enabled instead of the Request Schema.
    • When a new trigger is added, for POST, PUT methods, both the Request Schema and the Response Schema configurations are enabled.
    • To support BusinessWorks consumers, the swagger for Flogo service is generated as per specification. If a Flogo app has been running for a  long time, you need to re-push the app.
    • TIBCO Cloud - Proxy Agent must be connected to scale up Hybrid Connectivity enabled Flogo apps.

    TIBCO CloudTM Integration

    • The Last Run column on the Apps List has been renamed Last Started to indicate when an app has been executed or scaled up from 0 to 1 or more instances.
    • The default time range for displaying app logs on the App Details Logs tab is now set to 5 minutes instead of Realtime. 

    Migration and Compatibility

    TIBCO Flogo®

    • Importing an app created in a prior version of TIBCO Cloud Integration or Flogo Enterprise that uses a REST Trigger and is configured with an HTTP response code breaks trigger reply mappings. To fix this issue, export the app from the latest version and import it again. 
    • For older apps, in some cases, mappings done at parent level are displayed at the element level after import. Note that it does not have any impact at runtime.

    Closed Issues


    When an app was busy, such as when it was scaling, if a user attempted to delete or modify that app, the change was not accepted but the message returned was unclear.


    When an app published to TIBCO Cloud? Mashery® and the domain was not whitelisted, an unclear error message was displayed: Error occurred while parsing error message.


    When you copied or replaced an app, custom engine properties were not retained.


    If an Organization had any empty apps created prior to the May 2020 TIBCO Cloud Integration upgrade, the Source app list in the App replace did not display the list of apps.


    Users were unable to perform any actions while downloading the TIBCO BusinessWorks Studio. BusinessWorks Studio takes time to download and complete, which blocked the User Interface during the download process. 


    In App Details under VPN settings, the VPN status was shown as 0/1 instance connected indicating that the app was not connected to the VPN. 


    If you had dbservice enabled, you could not see the source app list when attempting to replace an app. 


    Switching Organizations from the main TIBCO Cloud UI could cause apps from the last Organization viewed by the user to be displayed.  


    Updated the error message displayed when there was an issue updating statistics.


    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Data replication apps did not indicate which entities had been chosen for replication when the Selected option under Entities was opened.


    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Data replication apps limited the number of entities displayed in the entities dialog to the first 500 entities, preventing entities further down in the list from being included in replications. 


    A negative instance count was shown under the monitoring dashboard on the Apps List page.

    IPAS-709 / APIM-14

    If the schema type of the body parameter defined in an API specification was object, the body parameter was lost after importing the API specification.

    IPAS-841 / APIM-7

    If the imported API specification contained unsupported attributes, such as enum, maximum, and minimum, and you exported the API specification after editing the attributes, the attributes were lost.


    TIBCO BusinessWorks apps failed at runtime in TIBCO Cloud Integration if they consumed a  Flogo endpoint that had Post/Put Operations. 


    When creating an API in API Modeler, the version was required to be a single letter followed by numbers and dots, such as v1.1.0.


    For certain push topic events, when the date was not in the proper format, the Salesforce Trigger failed to process the events and terminated the engine.


    The TIBCO Cloud Messaging Publisher activity generated an operation timeout error and a ?duplicate message has been received? error at the subscriber side.


    Flogo TIBCO Cloud Messessing connector's Subscriber should receive messages in order, however it received the next message when only the last message's flow was returned. 


    Codes other than 200 were converted to 200 in the manifest after upgrading to the current release.


    Subflow flow mappings were getting moved to the top level node after exporting and importing an app. FLOGO-5654

    For the InvokeRESTService activity, the Accept request header was set to Response Type when using Configure Response Codes.


    If the existing trigger in a flow was deleted from the app list page and you added a new trigger from the same page, you could not push and export the app. If you were using Flogo Enterprise, you could not build the binary app and export the app.


    When consuming services from TIBCO Cloud Mesh, sometimes an HTTP 403 response was observed.


    The SQLServer output schema was not available immediately to map in downstream activities.

    WIMSSS-207 / WIMSSS-215

    Input schema was blank and did not populate immediately.

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