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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration Release Notes - March 10, 2020 Update V1.34.1

    Manoj Chaurasia

    What?s New 

    TIBCO Flogo®

    Two new environment variables were added and can be configured to generate alert messages when  CPU or Memory usage exceeds a user defined threshold. Messages are included in the log file generated when the logstream command is used.  Variables are as follows:  

    • FLOGO_APP_CPU_ALERT_THRESHOLD - Log message is displayed as cpuPercentUsage
    • FLOGO_APP_MEM_ALERT_THRESHOLD - Log message is displayed as memPercentUsage

    Closed Issues


    Generating a Swagger specification containing REST triggers without the Configure Response Codes field in reply settings, resulted in an undefined response code.  

    FLOGO 4921

    The TIBCO Cloud Messaging subscriber received an object for a number field when the number was inside an object.


    Flogo Apps were not shutting down gracefully. For apps containing Salesforce activities, push topics could not be deleted and they ran into a push topics exceeded issue. 


    The TIBCO Cloud Messaging Publisher could not handle an array. Errors similar to the following were generated:  

    2020-02-28T18:27:53.819Z ERROR [flogo.activity.tcmpublisher] - Execution failed for Activity[TCMMessagePublisher] in Flow[dddd] - Failed to send message to TIBCO Cloud Messaging service due to error - {json: error calling XXXXJSON for type eftl.Message: unsupported type for field 'test'}.


    Request ID and total time taken by the REST Invoke activity are now logged.


    When using TIBCO Flogo, importing an app containing any  object or parameter fields in activities that do not have a fixed schema definition in activity.json/trigger.json, lost input data and displayed a blank screen.


    When using TIBCO Flogo, importing an app with a timer trigger caused all input parameters to be blank, except those associated with MongoDBInsertDocument activities. 

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