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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration V2.2.0.2 December 2, 2020 Release

    Manoj Chaurasia

    What?s New 

    For TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect, we added a few new features and fixed some Known Issues.  

    • The new Metadata Requests status dialog provides the status of each request for metadata made by a Connection in a flow. To access the dialog, select Metadata Status from the Gear menu for the Connection in the flow designer. (SCCORE-4918)
    • The Debug feature now supports debugging flows configured with Connections that support hierarchical data. Note that after this upgrade, the first time you use Debug on an existing flow, you must make a small change to the flow and save it to upgrade the flow to the latest configuration. (SCCORE-3047)
    • Added support for reprocessing failed records for Event apps containing either a Message flow or a Request/Reply flow. (SCCORE-3715)

    TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect API

    Added a new API that returns a list of the most recent set of metadata requests and the status of each request for a specific Connection. (SCCORE-3405)

    GET ?/v1?/orgs?/{orgId}?/connections?/{connectionId}?/metadataRequests

    Added new settings for storing failed records for reprocessing to the Organization models used in the GET and PUT Organization calls. Settings are interdependent and include the following: (SCCORE-4823)

    • captureOnFailedRecordsForReprocessing ? Enables/disables capturing any failed source records generated when an app runs. Applies to all TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect apps in the Organization. Default setting is false. When set to false, all other failed records settings are ignored.
      • captureDuringCloudAppRuns ? Enables/disables capturing failed records for apps run by the Cloud Agent. Records are stored in the Cloud. Default setting is false. If captureOnFailedRecordsForReprocessing is set to false, this setting is ignored.
      • captureDuringLocalAgentAppRuns ? Enables/disables capturing failed records for apps run by the On-Premise Agent. Default setting is false. If captureOnFailedRecordsForReprocessing is set to false, this setting is ignored. If enabled, failed records are stored in the Cloud by default unless the following setting is set to true.
        • isSourceDataLocal ? Enables/disables where to store failed records for apps run by the On-Premise Agent. If set to true, failed records are stored on the server where the Agent is installed. If set to false, failed records are stored in the Cloud. Default setting is false. If either captureOnFailedRecordsForReprocessing or captureDuringLocalAgentAppRuns is set to false, this setting is ignored.

    Note: The TIBCO Scribe® Online and TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect User Interfaces have not been updated yet to include these additional settings. If you update failed record settings in the API and later update them in the User Interface, you may inadvertently disable some settings.

    Changes in Functionality

    The Flow Debug Inputs tab has been renamed Data. To accommodate the larger width of complex hierarchical data, the data type fields have been removed from the Data tab. (SCCORE-3047)

    Closed Issues


    Provided a more detailed error message in cases where a modified or imported flow cannot be found within the app when the app attempts to run because the flow has not been sent to the Agent yet.  


    In some instances, users have been unable to delete an app and when attempting to modify that app an error similar to the following is generated: Solution ID not found.

    63509 / 51817 / 48420 / SCCORE-1534 / SCCORE-1343

    In some cases, Request/Reply flows have been known to cache Connection information. This causes the flows to fail if Connection information, such as Connection name,  has been updated on the Connection dialog. In addition, if you export the flow, the prior Connection name is included in the JSON file. 

    74487 / SCCORE-1542

    Source field names that contain spaces or special characters display in the User Interface with the spaces or characters removed. For example Contact Address 1 displays as ContactAddress1, with no spaces. When debugging a flow, fields with spaces do not display at all in the list of field values.  Mapped values are used correctly by the flow on the target side in both debug and at runtime. This is a User Interface issue. 


    Users cannot unlock flows that they locked or were locked by closing the browser. 


    If two agents update an OAuth connection at the same time, and two entries are stored with the same timestamps, when the new information is processed and sent to the agent database it is sent twice causing encryption/decryption errors similar to the following: 

    Exception Type : FatalErrorException Message : Failed to open one or more connections: There was an error deserializing the object of type System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary`2[[system.String, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089],[system.String, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089]]. Encountered unexpected character 'y'


    In some cases, when attempting to open or modify an app, one of the following errors was generated: 

    Cannot read property 'Id' of null


    Cannot read property 'solutionType' of null

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