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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration V2.2.0 November 19, 2020 Release

    Manoj Chaurasia

    What?s New 

    We've added new features and some updated Connectivity.

    • Hybrid Agent - now provides the streaming functionality for logs, giving you one download to provide monitoring, connectivity, and streaming of logs making it easier to use TIBCO Cloud Integration. This feature also provides communication with on-premises resources for apps running in the cloud, for example databases, etc.
    • App Tagging - Allows you to define and apply tags to any app type and use those tags for filtering. For example, a tag could be created based on the type of app, such as ecommerce apps, or by department, such as Sales, to group them together. App tags are created on-the-fly as you configure an app. (IPAS-15114, IPAS-15115)
    • Develop - Organization-Level Connections - Previously, Connections were saved at the user level. Now they can be promoted to the organization level where they can be used across different Develop apps by more than one user in the organization. This makes it easier for the users in the same organization to work together. (IPAS-11964)
    • Develop / Integrate - OAS 3.0 Support - OpenAPI Specification 2.0 was previously supported. OAS provides a standard OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger Specification) as an API description format for REST APIs. An OpenAPI file allows you to describe your entire API. This allows TIBCO Cloud Integration - Develop to provide this definition for endpoints as a starting point for a flow. (IPAS-15043)
    • Supplements - Improved Supplement management with a new Supplements page under Environment & Tools, which displays a list of supplements and associated connectors. You can also upload Supplements from the User Interface instead of the Command Line Interface. (IPAS-13967, IPAS-15099)
    • Agent info icon - On the Agents page, Hybrid Agents now have an info icon that displays the names and the number of remote apps registered with that agent. (IPAS-14828)

    TIBCO Cloud? ? Command Line Interface

    The following new commands and options were added: 

    • Added an option to filter the app list by one or more app tags. (IPAS-15253)


      Example: tibcli app list --tag apple --tag orange

    • The app copy command also copies app tags associated with the source app. (IPAS-15325)
    • The app delete command removes the association between the app and any tags linked to that app. (IPAS-15326)

    TIBCO BusinessWorks? 

    • The Export to Consul check box and tokenization button are now available for Cloud edition projects. (AMBW-40796)
    • Added support for the credential management system for application properties that are type password in TIBCO Cloud projects. (AMBW-41184)

    TIBCO Flogo®

    • The SendEmail activity now supports:
      • Sending file attachments
      • Setting Reply-To configuration
    • Using the enhanced Flow Tester, you can:
      • See the flow execution and the progress made in the execution of the flow. In the new Flow Tester
      • interface, when an activity is being executed, a blue animation is displayed around it.
      • See errors displayed at the activity-level.
      • Select an activity after its execution to see the inputs and outputs.
      • Change the inputs to other valid values and start the execution of the flow from that point onwards.
    • When you import an app that contains one or more activities or triggers that are not installed in your environment, a warning is displayed in the Import App dialog but you can still import those activities and triggers. Activities and triggers with a missing extension display an error until you upload the extension. 
    • Database connectivity
      • For all complex queries that needed manual mode, metadata generation is significantly enhanced to use standard query parsing leading to a better user experience.
      • Secure connection support for TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Microsoft SQL Server, TIBCO Flogo® Connector for PostgreSQL, and TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Oracle MySQL is now provided.
    • For the TIBCO Flogo® Connector for TIBCO Cloud? Messaging, the MessageSubscriber trigger now supports standard durables. (FGTCM-26, FGTCM-16)

     TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

    • Amazon Kinesis
    • Apache Pulsar (New)
    • Data Conversion
    • HubSpot
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle Database
    • Oracle MySQL
    • PostgreSQL

    TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plugins

    • Amazon SQS and SNS
    • Apache Cassandra
    • Apache Kafka
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • MongoDB
    • OData
    • SAP S/4 Hana

    BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Apache Cassandra

    Connection Pooling for Shared Resource Connections - Apache Cassandra connections are pooled in memory. Each Shared Resource establishes and stores two TCP connections in a single pool connection to the Apache Cassandra database, regardless of the number of activities using the resource. The exception is for Get Cassandra connection, which creates a new connection every time it is invoked.

    Changes in Functionality

    TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Hybrid Agent

    The tibagent configure monitor command used to configure the Hybrid Agent has been changed to tibagent configure agent. (IPAS-15919)

    TIBCO Flogo®

    • You can no longer see the output of a Flogo flow in the debugger logs. (FLOGO-6438)
    • For database connectors, metadata populated in the table now displays generic data types. (WIDBSV-394)


    The TIBCO® Cloud - Command Line Interface commands for log streaming and access to on-premises systems have been moved to the Hybrid Agent. To use the logStream command to stream app logs, see Installing, Configuring, and Running the Hybrid Agent in the TIBCO? Cloud Integration documentation. (IPAS-15212)

    Important: You can continue to use the existing  TIBCO Cloud? ? Command Line Interface, but if you download the latest TIBCO Cloud? ? Command Line Interface these commands are accessed via the Hybrid Agent.  

    Closed Issues


    If using a MongoDB connection shared resource, use a host port number between 1024-9999.


    In the Swagger API test page, TIBCO Flogo® apps with REST trigger  with Response Codes set to True do not display all response headers in the Swagger UI. 


    When using the app list or app detail command from the TIBCO Cloud?? Command Line Interface, the information returned displays N/A for the app version number.


    When apps are pushed or re-pushed using the TIBCO Cloud? ? Command Line Interface and TIBCO Businessworks Studio, the status "Scaling" is never shown on the User Interface only the "Running" status is displayed. 


    Occasionally, the total number of log messages displayed on the App Details Logs tab is incorrect.


    Added a Copy button to the App List Status Details popup to copy the contents of that popup to the clipboard.


    In App Details on the Logs tab, when selecting a custom date time filter the am/pm portion of the date/time field is not updated correctly. This issue affects both the log filters and the download logs dialog.  


    In some cases, the App Peek option is disabled on the Apps list for apps with an error status. 


    Empty apps created prior to the May 2020 TIBCO Cloud Integration upgrade do not display in the Apps list, however, because they still exist their names cannot be reused in a new app. 


    App name is displayed instead of organization  name when a BusinessWorks app is copied in TIBCO Cloud Integration. 


    Updates to app names sometimes do not display on the Apps List page immediately.


    In some cases, if you reconfigure a BusinessWorks  app such that some app properties are deleted, when repushing the app an error similar to the following is generated that references the deleted properties.  Detail: Error while updating application configuration : Cannot override properties because one or more of those properties is not set for that application. 


    If you reset metadata for a Connection used in a TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Data replication app and the data set returned is very large, when you open the Manually Selected option in the app to select the entities for replication, the dialog is blank.


    If you select an access key for a Hybrid Database Connection, the user interface does not allow you to immediately choose a different one.


    The Hybrid agent executable, tibagent.exe, does not run on a Windows platform if the debug option is used. 


    A Cloud app and a Remote app could end up with the same name and both display on the Apps List page.


    The App list and Environment & Tools pages do not store user preferences when the  Hybrid filter is selected. When you leave one of those pages and return, the page is refreshed. 


    In the App Details Monitoring tab, the ?Last 2 hrs? filter is selected by default. If no app executions have occurred since the latest TIBCO Cloud Integration upgrade, no data is shown on the graph. Execution data for the last 24 hours can be displayed only when the ?Last 24 hrs? filter is selected.


    When users attempt to log in through the TIBCO Cloud? ? Command Line Interface and set the HTTP_PROXY or HTTPS_PROXY environment variables, the TIBCO Account server generates an error and does not allow the user to log in.  


    In some cases where the volume of errors is very large and may not have been synchronized with the Cloud, Execution History cannot display failed records or Error details.


    The Connections page only displays a maximum of 100 Connections. 


    The output of the "current-dateTime()" function is not the same when the function is used in TIBCO Cloud Integration  and TIBCO Business StudioTM.


    While adding elements in the array.flatten() function, the mapper becomes slow and the page becomes unresponsive after some time.


    When creating a new trigger, you cannot use the Bind an application property button to bind a property to the port.


    After  the May 2020 TIBCO Cloud Integration upgrade, the names of some existing connections are not displayed in the connection list.


    In TIBCO Flogo, sometimes the datetime.currentDate() cannot be formatted or parsed  by the datatime.parse or datatime.formatDate() function.

    FLOGO-6020 / IPAS-13949

    App Details tabs become unresponsive after clicking the Monitoring tab for Flogo apps that only have a trigger without activities in the flow.


    Multiplying a float64 with a json.number generates a runtime  error when using a multiply operation in mapper for the number field.


    For DBConnectors (MySQL,Postgres, SQLServer,Oracle) when manual mode is switched to true, if you enter a query and click the fetch button, the table is populated with metadata. After that, when you click the Add row button, all previous metadata disappears.


     For database connectors with manual mode set to true, after you hit the "Clear Table" widget, the subsequent fetch query fails.


    After renaming a Flogo app, the app name field is not editable. 


    In the TIBCO Flogo Connector for Oracle Database, query parsing fails when a ROWNUM clause is present in the Select query.


    In the TIBCO Flogo Connector for Oracle Database, query parsing fails with a mismatch error when using a LIKE keyword for FLOAT and NUMBER data types.


    In the TIBCO Flogo Connector for Oracle Database, when the alias used in a query contains a period (.), only a part of the name is displayed in the table schema.


    In the TIBCO Flogo Connector for Oracle Database, query parsing fails when INSERT ALL is used.


    Metadata is not displayed under the ?Table Schema? field when connecting to an Oracle RDS database.

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