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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration V2.2.1 December 15, 2020 Release

    Manoj Chaurasia

    What?s New 

    We've added new features, updated connectivity, and closed a couple of Known Issues. 

    Integrate (TIBCO BusinessWorks? )

    • Process Diff Viewer - Compares two revisions of a process side by side visually in TIBCO Business Studio for BusinessWorks. It highlights changes in the newer revision, such as addition/removal of an activity or change in an activity configuration. It provides integration with GIT and SVN to compare revisions stored in VCS along with local revisions.
    • App Templates - Import or export pre-designed app templates designed with best practices and pre-configured processes, shared resources, modules etc. Helps improve the collaborative development experience and reusability where team members can design their apps using app templates.
    • OAuth Client flow implementation - With the OAuth Client configuration feature, Integrate apps now have the ability to fetch an access token from the OAuth server and include the access token to invoke an API secured by OAuth. 
    • Externalized Configuration and Credentials Management - This feature was supported for Private Cloud deployments and now is available for TIBCO Cloud deployments as well. This feature provides the ability to integrate with external Config and Credential Management tools and services to fetch values for app configuration parameters when deploying an app to TIBCO Cloud. Currently Consul, Spring Cloud Config, and AWS Param Store are supported for Configuration Management; and CyberArk, AWS Secret Manager, HashiCorp Vault and Azure Key Vault are supported for Credential Management.
    • OAS 3.0 Support added for TIBCO Cloud Integration - Integrate capability. Now you can create a REST Service and Invoke a REST API using the OPEN API 3.0 Specification.

    TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plugins

    Closed Issues


    TIBCO BusinessWorks app hangs on the  sendMail activity and does not timeout once existing engine threads are occupied.


    Input and Output schemas are  not formed correctly when creating a TIBCO Cloud Mesh client for a BusinessWorks or Flogo  OAS 3.0  Mesh Service.


    A runtime error is displayed in the client application in TIBCO Business Studio? for BusinessWorks? when it consumes an Open API 3.0 service running on TIBCO Cloud Integration.


    The last Modified date for APIs in the API Explorer tab in Business Studio is incorrect.

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