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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration V2.3.0.0 February 22, 2021 Release

    Manoj Chaurasia

    What's New

    We are excited to announce the release of a new TIBCO Cloud Integration API that supports managing and monitoring TIBCO Cloud Integration apps and organizations providing you with an improved CI/CD process. To further support the Developer Community, we have Swagger support and extensive online documentation for our API.

    There are multiple instances for the API site available in different regions. Each region has its own API URL and a dedicated Swagger page. Be sure to use the API URL and Swagger page associated with the region for your subscription or no data will be returned when you make an API call.

    RegionAPI URLSwagger URL
    AWS US
    AWS Europe
    AWS Australia
    Azure US










    Note: When using the API, the unique identifier for your organization is the Subscription Locator, which can be found using the GET /v1/userinfo method. In some cases, this unique identifier is referred to as a Subscription ID.  However, the correct name is Subscription Locator.  

    Hot Update feature for process properties for TIBCO BusinessWorks apps

    Added the ability to dynamically update process properties fetched from a Configuration / Credential Management Service provider without restarting the app. 

    In addition, we have corrected some Known Issues and included some updated connectivity. 

    TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

    • Apache Pulsar
    • Data Conversion
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Salesforce
    • Slack
    • Stripe
    • TIBCO Cloud Messaging

    TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plugins

    • Active Database
    • Apache Kafka
    • AuditSafe
    • SAP Ariba
    • Snowflake

    Changes in Functionality

    TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect


    We expanded the functionality for storing failed source records for TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect apps allowing you to enable and disable storing failed records for both the Connect On-Premise Agent and the Connect Cloud agent.

    TIBCO Flogo®


    Flow Tester

    The Flow Tester engine is now restarted every time you start the Flow Tester. As a result, the Flow Tester takes some time to start. The time taken to start the Flow Tester depends on the number of contributions used in the app and the resources assigned to the Docker daemon. For more information, see the ?Flow Tester? section in the TIBCO Flogo® User?s Guide.


    Order in which branches are executed

    When an activity has multiple branches, the order in which the branches are executed is changed to:

    1. Success branch
    2. Success with condition branch
    3. Success with no matching condition branch
    4. The Error branch gets executed as soon as the flow execution encounters an error
    5. The Main flow is run last

    The order is random if there are more than two branches which belong to the same type. For more information, refer to the ?Order in which branches are executed? section of  the TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise User?s Guide.


    For the TIBCO Flogo® Connector for MySQL,  when MySQL activities contain SQL statements with prepared parameters, the datatype of the prepared parameter always shows up as varchar in the fields table. There is no run time impact.

    Deprecating and End Of Support for Development 


    For the TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Slack, Slack has deprecated the Channels API. As a result,  it is removed from supported Slack objects. You can perform the channels' object operations by using the Conversations object.

    Closed Issues

    IPAS-13016 / IPAS-16226 / FLOGO-6742

    On the Apps list the Stop action button is displayed for a failed app instead of the Run action button.


    On the App Details Endpoints tab, if you are in the API tester User Interface it is not refreshed when you perform any of the following actions on an app: scale up/down, replace, or change endpoint visibility.


    Log Activity is not always being logged for TIBCO Cloud Integration apps when logs are within the Loop.


    When you copy an app, if that source app is in a failure state, the failing app is rescaled. 


    When selecting a new Agent on the App Details page for an existing TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect app, the user interface sometimes switches back to the original agent. 


    The Import dialog used to import TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect flows into an app allows you to select more than one JSON file, but only imports one JSON file.


    When selecting multiple flows on the App Details page of a TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect app, you cannot enable/disable or lock/unlock the selected flows. 


    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Custom connectors installed manually on an Agent without using the Marketplace, do not display in the list of Connections nor can the Connector be selected to configure a new Connection. 


    After a TIBCO Cloud Integration Hybrid Agent tunnel connection  recovers from its termination, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks cannot connect to the on-premise resources such as Enterprise Message Service (EMS) for the first round of the Timer trigger.


    For the BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Snowflake, the Query activity fails when dealing with a NULL value from a NUMBER column.


    If a field in the mapper of an activity is mandatory and you have not provided a value, an error is not displayed on the activity or flow canvas.


    Not able to refresh service automatically from TIBCO Cloud Mesh in Rest Invoke Activity.


    When a Flogo app is copied to another organization and run, if you re-push the app, the Swagger checksum changes, which breaks the integration with TIBCO CloudTM Live Apps.


    Flogo apps fail to scale if you update Engine Variables before pushing an app.


    App tags are not preserved when exporting a Flogo app to JSON.


    Apps using connections to on-premises resources might have connection issues if one of the tunnel connections drops.


    When starting the debugger, if you import a launch configuration, the only one value in the input fields is retained. 


    When invoking the OAS 3.0 FLOGO Service with Response Headers in TIBCO BusinessWorks, it gives the error - "Problem while loading file" while generating REST Invoke in TIBCO BusinessWorks.


    When an invalid table name is used in a query, such as a MYSQL query, the error message is incomplete and does not indicate that the issue is an invalid table.


    For the TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Microsoft SQL Server, when creating a connection with incorrect SSL details, a meaningful error message is not displayed.


    You cannot use multiple user-defined aliases as a sub-string of other. The following query will not work:

    select name, dept_name

    from student

    where student.dept_name=?dep




    For the TIBCO Flogo® Connector for PostgreSQL, the PostgreSQL Update activity does not return the expected output when using the returning clause.

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