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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration V3.0.0.0 April 8, 2021 Release

    Manoj Chaurasia

    What?s New 

    We have upgraded our Marketplace to provide you with additional options to search, discover, consume, review, and even contribute your own items either privately or publicly.  You?ll also notice that the Marketplace now contains many more items (Contributions) including: 

    • All supported TIBCO Connectors and Plug-Ins

    New filters and tagging are now provided to make it easier to see what is available.  

    We?ve made it easy to contribute to the Marketplace by adding the option right where the app or extension exists in your organization.  With one click, you?ll be prompted for some additional details and the item is published for your organization alone.  You can later submit this contribution for approval to be publicly displayed for all TIBCO users in your region.

    The enhanced Marketplace has been developed with multiple users in mind.  Specifically for partners, you can use the Marketplace to showcase items you wish to contribute or other offerings.

    The main goal is to make it even easier for users to leverage the power of TIBCO Cloud Integration.  

    You can read more about this in our help. See  TIBCO Cloud? Integration Marketplace. (https://integration.cloud.tibco.com/docs/index.html#tci/using/marketplace/overview.html)

    TIBCO Flogo extensions can now be promoted from a single user/owner to the organization level for use by other people in your organization. When an extension is promoted to the organization level, it can be included as a Marketplace listing just like Connectors and apps. 

    You can track the popularity of your Marketplace listings by checking out the number of Likes displayed on the Marketplace card for your listing. 

    Start adding your own Marketplace listings today!

    In addition to the enhanced Marketplace we have closed some Known Issues and provided  you with some updated connectivity.

    TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

    • Google Cloud Pub/Sub - New!
    • Salesforce Pardot

    TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plugins

    Changes in Functionality


    The Managed Connectors option previously located under Environment & Tools has been removed. That functionality is now available through the Marketplace.  To manage access to your Connector: 

    1. Navigate to the Marketplace.
    2. Select the Connector you want to manage.
    3. In the panel on the right select Manage Access for Orgs from the menu for the Connector.  
    4. Use the Manage Access dialog to grant or remove access to the Connector for a specific TIBCO Cloud Integration organization. 

    Managing Scribe Classic Connector Users

    • Updates to Connector details, such as description, are not reflected in the Scribe Classic user interface.
    • If you need to grant access to a Connector for a Scribe ?Classic Org? use the existing Scribe Customer APIs Scribe Online API (api.scribesoft.com) to grant access.


    With this release of TIBCO Flogo Mapper, we now display mapper validation errors at the activity level as well as flow level when user clicks on Validate button.

    Migration and Compatibility

    When managing access to a Connector from the Manage access dialog, if the Subscription locator field is blank, this indicates that the asset was approved through an internal process for a TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect organization prior to the release of the enhanced Marketplace. 

    Migration Procedure for the TIBCO FLOGO Connector for Salesforce Pardot Upgrade

    1. Import any apps created in earlier versions
    2. Delete the old Salesforce Pardot connection 
    3. Create a new Salesforce Pardot connection
    4. Now you can start using the new connection in your apps

    Closed Issues


    The SAP Transaction ID Manager shared resource configured in active mode does not work in the TIBCO Cloud Integration environment.


    In the TIBCO Cloud Integration environment, when a Hybrid Agent tunnel goes down and reconnects, a JMS Session closed error is generated.


    For the Azure ServiceBus Publish activity, while publishing some messages to the queue, the publish activity fails to publish in runtime with a message similar to the following:

    "Failed to perform Azure Service Bus publish message for Queue, backend invocation error: context deadline exceeded."


    For the TIBCO Flogo® Connector for PostgreSQL, when using an SSL connection, if the network connection is disconnected, attempts to connect to the DB server do not display an error message

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