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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration V3.1.0.0 May 26, 2021 Release

    Manoj Chaurasia

    What?s New 

    TIBCO Cloud? Integration Platform API

    We have added the following  new APIs to help you manage your Marketplace listings: (IPAS-17408)

    • GET /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionLocator}/marketplace/customers -  Returns customer organizations and their access status for one or more Marketplace listings.
    • GET /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionLocator}/marketplace/listings - Returns all Marketplace listings owned by the selected organization.
    • PUT /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionLocator}/marketplace/listings/{listingId} - Updates the provider for a Marketplace listing.
    • POST /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionLocator}/marketplace/listings/{listingId}/access - Grants or revokes access to a Marketplace listing for a customer organization. 

    TIBCO Cloud? Integration

    • Verified support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8.x 64-bit for TIBCO BusinessWorks?, TIBCO Cloud - Command Line Interface, and Hybrid Agent. (IPAS-17621, IPAS-17601, IPAS-17602)

    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks

    Develop/TIBCO Flogo®

    For TIBCO Flogo we added the following: 

    • File support in ReceiveHTTPMessage trigger and InvokeRESTService activity
    • Move branches from one activity to another within a flow
    • Execute JavaScript activity - New!
    • TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Apache Kafka can now connect to the TIBCO Cloud Messaging broker url hosted on TIBCO Cloud Integration. (FGKAFKA-9)
    • TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Apache Pulsar now supports connectivity to TIBCO Cloud Messaging service. For more information, see ?Connecting to TIBCO Cloud Messaging ? Apache Pulsar? section in TIBCO Flogo Connectors guide. (IPAS-17474)


    The Node.js runtime has been updated to version 12.13. (IPAS-16663)

    Develop/TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

    • Apache Kafka 
    • MS SQL 
    • MySQL
    • Oracle DB
    • Postgres 
    • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
    • Websocket 
    • TIBCO Cloud Messaging
    • Twilio

    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plugins

    • Files for Unix and Windows
    • OSIsoft PI
    • Salesforce
    • SAP Solutions

    Changes in Functionality


    For TIBCO BusinessWorks apps, the app name will be taken from the manifest.json file if the manifest.json file is provided while pushing the app.


    For Nodejs apps, the app name will be taken from the manifest.json file.


    For organizations in the AWS Europe data center, the service bus URL used for outbound TIBCO Cloud? Integration - Connect On-Premise Agent communications to the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform is being changed to improve reliability. If you have the following URL whitelisted, *, it is being deprecated and will no longer be available after September, 2021. 

    On June 15, 2021 an additional service bus URL will be provided for the AWS Europe data center, * Best practice is to update your whitelisting rules to include this new service bus URL.

    Note that after June 15th, when a Connect On-Premise agent restarts, it will attempt to connect to the new service bus URL, * If you have not updated your whitelisting rules by June 15, 2021, the agent will continue to communicate with the TIBCO Cloud Integration platform, but at a slower rate. See the Service Bus URL Change article for additional details:

    Closed Issues


    Need to upgrade TIBCO Cloud Integration Nodejs runtime to the latest version.


    If an app is in a Failed status before the TIBCO Cloud Integration July 8, 2020 upgrade,  then after upgrade when the cause of the failure is fixed, the Last Started date does not display on the App List page.


    Partner Customers using the TIBCO Cloud Integration API cannot use the OAuth token for their parent organization to access child organizations in the same family.


    If you add or update a user variable via the TIBCO Cloud Integration API using either the POST or PUT /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionLocator}/apps/{appId}/env/variables call, the app is not rescaled.


    Using the TIBCO Cloud Integration API PUT /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionLocator}/apps/{appId} to change an app endpoint from TIBCO Cloud Mesh to public does not change the endpoint.


    When you attempt to remove all media files from a Marketplace listing at one time and upgrade the listing, no media files are removed.


    When adding media to a Marketplace listing, only files with lowercase extensions are supported. For example, icon.PNG is not supported, but icon.png is supported.


    When a provider upgrades a listing and it goes through the TIBCO approval process, the notification for any pending access requests is removed from the listing in the Marketplace.


    The Marketplace Manage access dialog that displays requests for access to a listing is limited to displaying 100 access requests.


    When configuring a URL in a Marketplace listing, the URL must start with either https:// or http://. If you configure a URL without https:// or http://, such as, an incorrect link is generated. 


    Adding a new element to an existing Mapper schema, removes any existing mapped elements.


    If you add the wrong data in the input mapper, an error symbol is not displayed on the activity. The error symbol is, however, correctly displayed in the input mapper section.


    When the ownership of a Flogo app is changed or the app is replaced, the available actions listed on the App Details page are not refreshed automatically.


    If you copy an app from another organization, the Swagger schema switches to the embedded schema when the app is re-pushed the first time.


    App level schema is not available for the Request/Response for Plain/text and Other types, because they have default non-editable schema.


    In an Azure environment, repushing a Flogo app using the TIBCO Cloud?? Command Line Interface generates an error: ?internal server error?.


    The Revert to Last Push option for Flogo apps does not work correctly.


    Arithmetic operators when used inside function arguments will throw Validation errors in the Mapper.


    Apps exported from Flogo Enterprise do not retain associated app tags in the export JSON file.


    When you select the PUT method immediately after the POST method, the validation message no longer displays in Settings.


    When a new element is added to the JSON, such as a new array element in the existing schema, all mappings are cleared and the mapping must be done again. The old mapping is not retained.


    After selecting an app-level schema for an OSS trigger or activity, the schema does not appear in the dialog box until you click inside the dialog box.


    In an Azure environment, repushing a Flogo app using the TIBCO Cloud Integration API, POST - /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionLocator}/apps,  returns an accepted message in the response from the API. However, the response to the status request for the app, GET ?/v1?/subscriptions/{subscriptionLocator}/apps?/{appId}?/status, returns an error similar to the following: 

    "message": "Failed to build App flogo-s-appRest-1: Failed to push application. Error: 'Internal Server Error', Detail: Call flogo studio server error, Send request to flogo studio error with status code 500",


    In the InvokeRESTService activity, for existing activities, you cannot see the Output Format field if you select Response Type as application/xml in the Output Settings tab. The activity fails at runtime.


    For TIBCO Flogo, launch configurations in the Flow tester of the source app are not seen in the target app after the app is replaced from the app details page.


    When the visibility of a Flogo extension is changed or promoted to org level, the existing connections for this extension are broken after refreshing the page.


    As an admin user, if you delete any org level extension in the default category, then all other org level extensions in the default category will get deleted. However, it will not delete user level extensions.


    The validation message in settings disappears when the PUT method is selected just after the POST method.


    For the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-in, after upgrading the SAP Plugin to the latest version with SAP JCo 3.1.4, the SNC connection does not work.


    For Microsoft SQL Server, at runtime, the XML type is not supported.


    For the TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Oracle MySQL, the mapper fails to resolve the function name on the output for the activity.


    For the TIBCO Flogo® Connector for PostgreSQL, for parameter queries where the parameter name is the same as the data in the query, the connector returns {"records":null} at runtime.


    For TIBCO Flogo® Connector for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the SAP Activity Input does not fetch input schema. 

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