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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration V3.2.1.0 November 11, 2021 Release

    Manoj Chaurasia

    What?s New

    Develop/TIBCO Flogo®

    We enhanced the Flogo Data Mapper with a new redesigned user interface based on a drag-and-drop experience and visual data linking. This new data linking view makes it easier to quickly see what data is mapped and where the data is going in the target datastore. (FLOGO-8346)


    Develop/TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

    • Amazon Redshift

    • Microsoft OneDrive

    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plugins

    • Apache Kafka

    Deprecating and End Of Support for Development


    Limited messaging support was provided as part of the TIBCO Cloud Integration - Integrate capability prior to the availability of TIBCO Cloud Messaging as a first-class, full-scale messaging service.

    With the availability of the suite of messaging options as part of TIBCO Cloud Messaging, we will be deprecating and retiring the legacy and limited messaging Cloud FTL palette offered as part of TIBCO Cloud Integration by the next release.

    We recommend evaluating the extensive set of messaging options now available as part of TIBCO Cloud Messaging (https://www.tibco.com/products/tibco-cloud-messaging) and the corresponding Plug-in for TIBCO eFTL? (https://integration.cloud.tibco.com/docs/index.html#tci/connectors/eftl/index.html).

    Closed Issues

    Develop/TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Microsoft OneDrive


    When trying to set up a connection to Microsoft OneDrive, it fails and generates an authentication error.

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